Sep 5, 2021
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The US tried to save money and turned aircraft carriers into a target for the Russians

American aircraft carriers were targeted by the Russians, as well as the Chinese and the North Korean army. This was due to an attempt by the United States to save money on carrier-based fighters. The States are unlikely to be able to achieve superiority at sea.

The F-14 Tomcat long-range interceptor and the A-6 Intruder strike platform were too expensive, so the US Department of Defense decided to replace them with the F-18E Super Hornet carrier-based fighter-bombers and electronic warfare aircraft created on its platform, the Boeing EA-18G Growler. They were supposed to become the main striking force for most of the aircraft carriers of the US Navy, writes the Military Watch portal.

However, there was a problem – the coverage area of ​​carrier-based aircraft decreased by 77%, experts say. Previously, they could carry out both defensive and offensive operations, now they cannot. But the American command ignored this fact, delighted with a significant reduction in operating costs.

The Super Hornet has, of course, been criticized for its modest range. There was even an idea to enter into service the F-18E Super Hornet Block 3 – a modernized fighter with large fuel tanks, improved engines, capable of carrying up to 14 air-to-air missiles. But such a replacement was not accepted, which automatically jeopardized the safety of American aircraft carriers.

Russia, China, North Korea now have very effective classes of anti-ship weapons. To counter them, they need carrier-based aircraft with a long flight range. The United States tried to save money and turned aircraft carriers into targets for potential adversaries. The article says the United States plans to commission sixth generation fighters. But, according to experts, the United States is unlikely to achieve the goal of superiority at sea in the coming decades. They have no protection against air strikes and will not appear soon.

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