Apr 20, 2021
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The US Senate declared Biden’s weakness in front of Russia: Will be a death sentence for him

US Senator Lindsey Graham said that the country was weakened by the unreasonable policies of President Joe Biden.

The Republican politician said that the head of the White House “gave up slack” – this is especially noticeable in his relations with Moscow. The senator recalled how recently Joe Biden refused to participate in a dispute with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Graham, everyone understood that such a task was beyond the power of the American leader.

The senator noted that no one in the world is afraid of Biden today. The politician believes that this will inevitably lead to a fall in national security. “This general weakness will be a death sentence for this person (the head of the United States – Ed.),” Graham said on Fox News.

The Republican’s speech was commented on by users. One of the viewers of the TV channel said that America lost all respect with the coming to power of Biden. He drew attention to the fact that other countries have never condescended to his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Another commentator called the current US president a dumbass and admitted that he was ashamed to be an American. Another user is sure: America is moving towards self-destruction. According to him, the country will be ruined by “political correctness and compensatory discrimination”, reports InoSMI.

In March of this year, Joe Biden gave an interview, where he attacked Russia with criticism. The politician called Putin a “killer” and accused Moscow of meddling in the American elections. In April, Washington imposed sanctions on Russia. More than 30 individuals and legal entities were subject to restrictions.


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