Jan 30, 2021
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The US Republican Party said they need Trump

The US Republican Party still needs the country’s ex-president, Donald Trump, Politico newspaper writes.

“We need each other. Without a doubt, we need him, as well as his contribution and his voters. But he also needs us. Together we will settle everything, “- quotes the publication of the words of the member of the National Committee of the Republican Party Jonathan Barnett.

The newspaper notes that immediately after the riots in Washington on January 6, Republicans turned their backs on Trump. Now they are taking cautious steps towards the ex-president of the United States, “while maintaining a certain distance.”

The publication makes the assumption that the Republican Party’s sympathies for the former leader of the state are economically motivated. In two years, the midterm elections to the US Congress will take place, preparing for them without cooperation with Trump will be difficult for the Republicans, since the party will lose colossal financial support.

Meanwhile, among the participants in the riots in Washington on January 6, there are those who have become disillusioned with the former American leader. Testimony against Trump can be provided by Jacob Anthony Chensley, who stormed the Capitol in the guise of a Viking. Due to the fact that the Republican refused to pardon his supporters before leaving office, the “Viking” felt betrayed. In addition to him, four more participants in the attack, who were charged, intend to testify in the Senate about incitement from Trump.

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