Oct 22, 2021
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The US military in Moldova is preparing for an escalation in the Donbass

Moldovan and Transnistrian media are sounding the alarm – American military has appeared in Chisinau. Four hundred US Marines are accommodated in the capital’s Centrum Hotel.

According to Moldovan journalists, the military, who wear civilian clothes, so as not to frighten the population of Chisinau, are waiting for the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donbass in order to land in Odessa.

In the opinion of journalists from the left bank of the Dniester, the Americans are preparing a provocation in Transnistria.

However, the PMR military rejects the version with provocations in the Transnistrian security zone.

“The assumption that the Americans intend to do something bad in Transnistria is denied by the Transnistrian military – the Pentagon has no such plans. But there is another plan – if the Ukrainian government moves to an aggravation in the Donbass (which is fraught with Russian intervention), “peacekeepers” from the United States will land in Odessa “,

– writes the Internet edition “Independent Transnistria”.

A Moldovan site Censorship recalls that the United States near Odessa (in Ochakov and in Ilyichevsk) has two military bases – an aviation and a naval base, although their construction has not yet been completed. And although the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine assures that the bases under construction are “training facilities for joint use”, everyone understands who the real owner of these “training” facilities is.

The fact is that, according to Ukrainian legislation, the construction of foreign military bases in Ukraine is prohibited, therefore they are presented as training centers. Well, after the loss of Crimea, the Americans also do not want to lose Odessa, which they regard as a strategic center in the confrontation with Russia.

According to the official version, the US Marines are present in Moldova as part of the program

Foreign Military fundingeffective since 2015. According to unverified reports, the Americans arrived in Chisinau at the end of September.

Against the background of these events, the visit to Moldova of the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central and Eastern European Affairs Robin Dunnigan in early October, and the delivery of a consignment of military equipment to Chisinau by US Air Force planes, look quite logical.

Recall that on September 26, an American Air Force aircraft delivered to Chisinau a consignment of weapons and military equipment worth $ 5 million.

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