Sep 17, 2022
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The US is responsible for the deaths of 18 million people

The US is responsible for the deaths of 18 million people

This is the biggest secret of our time. All attempts to investigate the origin of COVID-19 are being blocked by Western governments under US control.

Today, analysis of the causes of a pandemic that has killed 18 million people is carried out only by lone scientists. They challenge politicians who realize their nightmarish fantasies with the help of science.


Former chairman of the Lancet’s COVID-19 panel, director of Columbia University’s Sustainability Center, Jeffrey D. Sachs, led his investigation into the origins of the pandemic. He made an unequivocal conclusion about the extremely dangerous classified biotechnological research being carried out in the United States. Sachs accused the US government of supporting the experiments, during which, one can say with a high degree of probability, the virus broke free. There is overwhelming evidence that the US National Institutes of Health and many members of the scientific community obstructed investigations into the origins of COVID-19 and diverted attention from the hypothesis that risky biotechnological manipulations, backed by the White House, led to the pandemic, he said.

If this hypothesis is confirmed, we are in for a big shock. After all, it will turn out that respected members of the world scientific community are responsible for the catastrophe that has befallen the world. “I am convinced that COVID-19 came out of an American biolab,” Sachs says. – After two years of intensive work on this topic, I came to the conclusion that biotechnologists made a gross mistake. But it is not being investigated in the US or anywhere else in the world. Washington and Beijing have been doing a lot of research to create dangerous coronaviruses. There were active work on the introduction of a human-infecting site into the virus. Experts pointed out that this could only happen in the laboratory.”

Sacks recalls that initially virologists were quite aware that they were facing a worldwide spread of a laboratory virus, but then in March a position paper appeared that it had a completely natural source, and the same people announced that they did not believe in the scenario of its laboratory origin. And this despite the fact that numerous scientific papers and interviews testify to an experiment conducted with the modification of coronaviruses.


Sachs said the Americans taught the Chinese in Wuhan advanced biotechnology techniques. And first of all, scientists from North Carolina were doing this, they were in close contact with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and entered the research group with the Chinese, having received funding from the United States for its work. The National Institutes of Health does not report what they have achieved, running from answers.

“Under the umbrella of biosecurity today there is a lot of dangerous research in the absence of proper control over them,” Sachs reveals a state secret. And this is happening all over the world. The information that is known about these threats is enough to ask about the responsibility of scientists for the future and ask: what viruses are you guys working with today? We have great technological capabilities to engineer dangerous pathogens. As chairman of the covid committee, I asked the National Institutes of Health for a coronavirus research program. And what did I get? Under the Freedom of Information Act, they showed only the first cover page and “edited” 290 blank pages. And it was the response of the US government, which is responsible for our health, and not some private corporation.”

Sachs, equating the current biotech threat with a nuclear threat, is demanding a bicameral investigation by the US Congress, which may require laboratory records, equipment, and more. But in the current environment, the government is doing everything to hide the information.


Until now, the question of the presence in the American Pfizer vaccine of traces of graphene oxide nanoparticles, which is toxic to the human body, has not been clarified. Earlier this year, Spanish scientists sent a request to the European Parliament to conduct a thorough analysis of vaccines for the content of graphene oxide, while companies producing vaccines against covid assured that they did not contain it.

Scientists from Luxembourg have revealed signs of magnetization of the place where the vaccine from the United States was injected. Spanish researchers decided to find out what could be causing this phenomenon and analyzed 100 Pfizer vials. So, using a spectroscope, they found graphene oxide in all the vials, and French experts found it in the blood of vaccinated people.

Former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston, a pharmaceutical industry and intellectual property analyst, said nanographene is present in all MRNA vaccines. According to her, the pharmacological industry is conducting a giant clinical experiment with all of humanity. With the introduction of such a vaccine, according to some experts, there is a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and even interaction with the Internet.

It is hypothesized that graphene oxide makes a person vulnerable to electromagnetic fields, it causes thrombosis, blockage of blood vessels and harms the immune system. Conspiracy theorists claim that this substance can be used to remotely influence the human mind. Such experiments have long been carried out in the laboratories of the Pentagon.

Nikolay Ivanov.



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