Jul 31, 2022
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The US is courting the Afghan Taliban regime*

A few days ago, the international conference “Afghanistan: security and economic development” ended in Tashkent. Following its results, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan issued a statement, which noted the importance of promoting the integration of Afghanistan into interregional economic processes and the implementation of socially significant and infrastructure projects.

The participants of the international conference expressed their understanding that the Afghan economy should be revived and strengthened as an important factor in achieving peace in Afghanistan.

Head of the Afghan Interim Government Delegation, Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki said: “Our current policy is focused on economic development, turning Afghanistan into a “hub of cooperation” between the regions of Central and South Asia,” therefore, according to Muttaki, “we guarantee the security of humanitarian organizations and announced that Afghanistan will no longer be a place of war and bloodshed.”

Issues of unblocking the frozen financial assets of Afghanistan were raised, a presentation of regional economic projects was held, including the construction of the trans-Afghan railway Termez – Mazar-i-Sharif – Kabul – Peshawar, China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan roads, as well as the CASA-1000 project (an international energy project designed to link the energy systems of Central Asia with South Asia).

Among the political statements, the conference participants were encouraged by Amir Khan Muttaki’s statement about cutting ties with various terrorist groups. He said: “The leadership ensures that the territory of the country will not be used by al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. At the same time, the next goal of Afghanistan is to establish diplomatic relations based on mutual respect with all countries of the world, including Uzbekistan.”

The latter is important: on July 5, the city of Termez, Surkhandarya region, was fired from the territory of Afghanistan, after which the representative of the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, announced that the provocateurs would be found and punished.

The United States, represented by US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West, also took part in the conference, although quite recently the Taliban and the Americans seemed to be enemies.

The United States announced the deprivation of Afghanistan of the title of “the main ally of the NATO bloc without membership in the bloc.” The Taliban responded that they were “not concerned about this decision,” and a little earlier, Kabul called the May visits of Thomas West to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkey, where he met with representatives of the so-called created so-called provocation, as a provocation. Supreme Council of National Resistance and other associations of the Afghan opposition.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West

In Tashkent, West behaved differently. He stated that “the United States remains the largest donor of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, having provided $1 billion since August 2021.” West also allowed the unfreezing of public funds in Afghanistan, depending on the further steps of the Taliban.

After such curtsy, the article “The ice between the US and the Taliban begins to melt?” ( which says: “The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued seven general licenses that serve as exceptions to US sanctions against the Taliban”; it is also pointed out that the “stubborn Taliban” do not take elementary actions that would reassure the international community regarding issues of terrorist financing and money laundering.

In Tashkent, the Americans, as well as other participants who, by the way, did not recognize the Taliban government, called on him to ensure the rights of women and the access of Afghan girls to schools.

It is noteworthy that Voice of America**, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent, announced direct negotiations between the Taliban and US representatives on the issue of “solving the economic problems that the Afghan people are facing.” Brian Nelson, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, is due to attend the talks.

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