Apr 29, 2022
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The US headquarters for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was created in Lviv: the Yankees remove the “natives” from command

The US headquarters for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was created in Lviv: the Yankees remove the

Photo: Mikhail Palinchak/TASS

Zhovto-Blakit telegram channels report that a headquarters of specialists from the United States has been set up in Lviv, who work together with the military of the General Staff of Ukraine. Allegedly, the Yankees help the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with quick information from reconnaissance aircraft and UAVs that circle around Ukraine, as well as from satellites hanging over the “square”.

It is also reported that as many as 50 Americans, including counterintelligence officers, work in the Lviv secret headquarters, located in one of the communication buildings. In general, there are now up to one thousand military specialists from the United States in Ukraine, which indicates the involvement of two nuclear powers in the conflict at once.

Clearly, neither we nor the Yankees want an atomic apocalypse. But this is not why Washington so zealously supports the Ukrainian regime in order to surrender the “square” without powerful bloodletting. In short, it is very similar to the fact that the Pentagon took over the management of defense operations in Ukraine against the backdrop of an ambiguous state of affairs on the fronts.

Apparently, the Kremlin knows about it. In his speech of 27 April Insert said the following: “I emphasize once again: if someone intends to interfere in the ongoing events (in Ukraine) from the outside, then they should know – yes, they will create unacceptable strategic threats to Russia – they should know that our response to counter strikes will be lightning fast”.

The President of Russia also said: “We have all the tools for this. The kind that no one else can boast of right now. And we won’t brag. We will use them if needed. And I want everyone to know about it – we have made all the decisions on this matter. ”

By the way, insiders entering the office of the president (OP) Zelenskyreported that Mi-6 agents transmitted intelligence to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that Russia was preparing attacks on decision-making centers and recommended not to use command posts of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the coordinates of which are known to Russian special services. However, there is a big deal here as well.

The situation with the Russian “spies” greatly strains the SBU and the CIA. Yellow-black and star-striped counterintelligence is desperately looking for “moles” who leak the most important data on the supply of weapons, temporary warehouses and secret command posts of the Ukrainian army. There are reports from Kyiv that tough checks have begun on all foreign mercenaries, since arrivals often correlate with the arrivals of new “soldiers of fortune”.

In general, spy mania in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has reached maniacal proportions, also because compared to the first stage of the special operation, much has changed for the worse for Kyiv. Minimizing the losses of the RF Armed Forces and maximizing damage to the Armed Forces of Ukraine allows tactics that the American Institute for the Study of War described as “rather methodical than quick.”

Moscow, in fact, has nowhere to rush, except for such an argument as the transfer of a large number of Western weapons and equipment. But so far, NATO’s military assistance has not had a strong effect on the balance of power, although its influence cannot be written off either.

As the experts of the British edition of The Guardian write, “If it turns out in May that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to go on the counteroffensive, despite the wave of supplies of Western weapons, including American howitzers, German and British anti-aircraft systems,. the question will be what other commitments the UK and other NATO members are willing to take on.”

You can say so: the Yankees created their headquarters in Lviv, fearing that the armament of the alliance would be disgraced by the inept actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It must be understood that on the Ukrainian battlefield, among other things, the engineering schools of the Western and Russian defense industries compete, that is, there are battles for future contracts.

The Guardian emphasizes – “The turning point will occur in May.” If the supply of weapons is destroyed without any visible result on the fronts and damage to the Russian army, then there will be no point in pumping the Armed Forces of Ukraine with new weapons. It is not for nothing that Bloomberg, citing its military experts, reported that the US stockpiles of weapons could run out in a few months if the White House continues to supply them to Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the presence in the capital of Galicia, that is, in the very center of Bandera Ukraine, of American specialists, moreover, in the status of staff officers, cannot but disturb the Kremlin. Nothing is more valuable in battles than information about the enemy. There is no doubt that the Yankees, having the best technical means of intelligence, will use any mistake of the Russian Ministry of Defense in their own interests. This means that those experts who call for a strike on Ukrainian decision-making centers are right.

The arrival of American specialists in Lviv is associated by some of the Ukrainian truth-tellers not only with the deterioration of the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield, but also with the struggle for the souls of the inhabitants, especially that part of the “square”, which came under the control of Russian troops. In the social networks of Ukraine, for example, they write: “The zone of action of the Ukrainian hryvnia is narrowing and narrowing, like shagreen leather. Even from the war zone, as practice has shown, the hryvnia is washed out very quickly, which is dangerous for the future of our country.”

Ordinary people in the “nenka” turned out to be not as “patriotic” as it seemed until recently to the beneficiaries of the Maidan. Zhovto-Blakit bloggers note that the bulk of the people feel “bad luck” from the Western allies, who, albeit implicitly, still bet on the loss of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In short, there are signals from the European Union that only the States and partly the UK are the beneficiaries, while the Old World bears the entire burden of refugees. Well, if there was an exhaust …

Even the fact that the secret headquarters of only the United States, and not the entire NATO, was opened in Lvov speaks volumes. Brussels rightly fears a tsunami of refugees that may arise after the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It seems that the top migration policy officials there are aware of the real state of affairs at the fronts.

It seems that the West is closing any opportunities for Ukrainians to catch on in Europe. Gromadyans write about this with bitterness in their chats. They increase the rent for renting housing even in the Polish outback – from $ 300 to $ 700 for one apartment. They are not employed anywhere, and it is indicative.

For example, European bureaucrats closed the work of drivers and taxi drivers for Ukrainians, which was a real shock. Ukrainian driver’s licenses are not recognized in the EU countries, but in the case of renting a car for recreation and travel – easily. It would seem that what is the difference: as in the first case, so in the second, a person controls the transport. But it was not there.

“We are being squeezed out of here,” the refugees write. “They don’t need us anymore because we don’t want to be cannon fodder.”

And here’s another example. Speech by the Chairman of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Martin Helme about Ukrainian refugees, which he said in parliament, became an icy shower for Banderstat. The key politician of this Baltic country believes that Tallinn should continue to support Kyiv, but the acceptance of refugees from Ukraine should be stopped. Since there is information that their number can increase significantly. Veiledly, this means that the EU does not believe in the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But then why should Brussels support the “not Russia” project if it did not take place?

A Ukrainian user with the nickname Nikola # 1991 cuts the truth in this regard: “When the United States opened its headquarters in Lvov, it became clear that the Yankees were removing the “natives” from command. They only need us to fight the Russians, with whom the Americans themselves don’t want to fight.”

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