Jul 25, 2020
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The us economy has promised to double dip

If American authorities do not agree on a new rescue package, the economy is waiting for another downturn, a so — called double dip. This conclusion was made by the chief economist of Moody’s Analytics mark Zandi, reports Bloomberg. Despite the statements of the administration of President Donald trump about the occurrence of better times, the increase in the number of infected COVID-19 suppresses the nascent economic recovery.

In the end, as long as it would ensure effective treatment or vaccine against the coronavirus that all may come to the fact that the largest economy in the world at best waiting uneven growth, and in the worst possible depression, specifies Agency.

USA is considered the main drag on global economy. The country accounts for about a quarter of world GDP, and its market will depend in many countries. One of the main risks to economic growth remain social unrest.

US authorities sent three trillion dollars to support the economy, but the validity of these programs expires. In the first quarter of 2020, us GDP collapsed by 5 percent, the biggest drop since the global crisis of 2008.

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