May 28, 2022
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The UOC should be abolished

With the start of a special military operation by Russia, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), represented by its hierarchy and the so-called. “speakers of the church” immediately came to the defense of Ukraine. Metropolitan Onufry, the Primate of the UOC, many ruling bishops / diocesan councils, and a number of well-known clerics made relevant statements. The case was not limited to accusations of the leadership of the Russian Federation in the “sin of Cain”, and the Moscow Patriarchate – in the blessing of this “sin”.

Invented by Catholics (Poles and Austrians), Ukrainianism is primordially hostile to Orthodoxy. And thanks to the explosive push of February 24, 2022, this internal conflict moved from a smoldering state to a clear one.

Entire dioceses began to send ammunition, military uniforms, food, vehicles, etc. to the defenders of the Kyiv anti-Orthodox regime. The capture of temples is now characterized in the UOC as “collaborationism that helps the aggressor and gives an additional trump card in the hands of enemies.” The seizures of canonical churches are, according to the synodals of the UOC, “one of the reasons for the military invasion of Ukraine“I”criminal acts that have signs of subversive and sabotage activities“. The Jesuits nervously smoke on the sidelines. For the invader of the temple at the time of the seizure is a pro-Russian collaborator and accomplice of saboteurs, and in wartime free from seizures – “a courageous warrior in defense of the statehood of Ukraine”.

That is why entire Sunday schools are involved in “charitable” performances and fairs in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not to mention bakeries with prosphora. For Orthodox Easter, the famous Odessa monastery prepared (of course, with the blessing of the ruling bishop) 1,500 paskas for the “defenders of Nikolaev,” who regularly shelled the residential areas of neighboring Kherson. The question of the Orthodoxy of the “defenders” did not arise at the abbess of the monastery. And why the Lavra (in which the next “defenders” equipped artillery positions) was under “shelling”, neither Abbess Seraphim Shevchik, nor the Union of Journalists Affiliated with the Metropolia, chose not to mention. Why are there “journalists” – the whole North-Donetsk diocese reports that its cathedral on April 17 “suffered from shelling.” He did not come under fire, but “was hit by shelling.” Aimed at civilian targets, it should be understood.

Everything goes to the fact that both the Odessa and the North-Donetsk dioceses will soon have to change both the vocabulary and the direction of humanitarian aid. But will the faith of the Church remain with the inhabitants of Novorossiya? All Novorossiya, including Donetsk. For 8 years now, the capital of the DPR has been free from the state ideology of Ukrainianism. However, the current Metropolitan of Donetsk and Mariupol signs the statement of the UOC Synod, which states:

The Ukrainian people courageously defend themselves against the military attack of the Russian Federation, which invaded the territory of our sovereign and independent StateThe Ukrainian Orthodox Church immediately condemned the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and stubbornly emphasized (This is now the Russian style in the Russian Church in Ukraine. – Auth.)that war is a great sin… The Ukrainian Orthodox Church supports and will continue to support the defenders of Ukraine… Our courageous warriors stand to defend the statehood of Ukraine, we must all unite for the sake of victory…“.

This once again confirms: in the bosom of the UOC, archpastoral prayer for immortal souls is impossible if it conflicts with the goals of the transitory state.

Church in vain

It is clear that “Moscow church‘ is in a very difficult situation. However, how naive one must be to hope that in a state that is obviously anti-Orthodox, deals with conscience will protect the Church from persecution. Especially if the true masters of Ukraine are the existential enemies of Orthodoxy.

Yes, and war – is it only a sin for haters of the Church? If the UOC, in spite of everything, defended in “European state» such a value as the unity of Orthodox civilization, would the Lord allow 2022? He, perhaps, would have “destroyed” 2014… And in wartime there are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate Christian concern for the people and even the army, without sacrificing principles. This is humanitarian support for the hospitals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and social service to refugees, and sacraments for the dead and wounded, and the organization of humanitarian corridors, and the initiation of the exchange of prisoners … The latter would more than cover all the costs of avoiding the general Russophobic hysteria. The voice of the UOC is still being heard throughout its canonical territory, including Donbass. And if you act through the patriarch, then throughout the entire territory of the Russian Orthodox Church, including Moscow.

However, instead of this, the UOC treacherously renounces the patriarch. And those who do not renounce are denounced. For example, one Kyiv archpriest (a graduate of the faculty of ecumenism at the University of Rome F. Aquinas) not only informed his Facebook followers that the vicar of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra commemorates Patriarch Kirill at the liturgy, but also thanked the HCU activist for his willingness to pick up “arguments, other than a kind word, if you want to convince the metropolitan“. What is this if not open betrayal? It is not surprising that the same archpriest became one of the first signatories of the petition of four hundred clerics of the UOC to the “primates of the Ancient Eastern Churches” on the trial of the Moscow Patriarch!

Nevertheless, the “sin of Cains” from the lips of Metropolitan Onufry is not about these slanderers. This is about those who decided to denazify those who rotted Orthodoxy for 30 years. It is they who are the “enemy”, for the deliverance from which on Great Wednesday and Great Thursday the primate of the UOC offered “special petitions” at the Liturgy. In an open address to Putin, the Orthodox Metropolitan had the conscience to compare the “defenders of Mariupol” defending by civilians with the defenders of besieged Leningrad, whose positions were not located in residential apartments, but on the outskirts of their beloved city …

Turn around, father!

About 80% of Ukrainians are in favor of a ban on the UOC (74% as of April 8). How can one not alter the great Little Russian Gogol here: and what, did your deflections help you, lords? Yes, and deflections? Maybe the earthly offspring of the Poles has really become dearer to you than the heavenly Fatherland? It is not for nothing that the wise professor Osipov stated at the beginning of hostilities: “Between Spirit and blood, the UOC chose blood.”

One can somehow understand the ignorance of the graduates of the Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary (KDAiS), founded in independence, but how can one explain the unconsciousness of all (with rare exceptions) the “adult” episcopate of the UOC – pupils of the Moscow Academy?

Well, the KDAiS, headed by the Bishop Rector, regularly and proactively helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine throughout the hostilities. What can we say about the laity – the flock of the current graduates of the KDAiS.

Those compassionate Orthodox people who, sincerely mourning children and civilians, also join the chorus of crying “why did you come to us, we didn’t invite you!”, Forget about one thing: the next generation of their descendants would live in the country of victorious Nazism. Everything would have been – “Azov” * (“Azov” was simply ahead of its time). And the offspring of today’s Orthodox Ukraine, if the “Russian ship” had not come, would have been doomed to eternal death of the soul.

It is generally wild to hear about “children who are not to blame for anything” from people who regularly honor the holy Bethlehem babies. How many pious parables they themselves can retell about how the Lord enables potential monsters to go into eternity without sin … Many would lament if Rukhovets Chikatilo left as a baby? And then a whole generation of future chikatils.

And this is not to mention such an “axiom” as the atonement by children for the sins of their parents. For example, those who split the Orthodox country (“the foot of the throne of the Lord” according to St. John of Kronstadt).

You often hear from such parishioners of the UOC: “Well, let’s say, once we – Ukrainians – were Russians. Yes, we were artificially made Ukrainians. But if it’s already a hundred years old givenLet’s somehow live with the realization that accomplished the fact that we are already different peoples. However, let’s transfer this logic to the family level. Some neighbors contributed to the removal of children from the family, and then convinced that their family was actually a stranger. Moreover, they inspired the deceived and their descendants that their true parents and all relative ancestors did them eternal evil, always dreamed of enslaving them and ruining them “as a nation”.

And when the truth breaks through to someone from the “nation” that his original and still loving parents were actually slandered, is it possible to continue to remain in the state of “well, this is a fait accompli”?

In general, the big question is the Orthodoxy of those men who consider this military confrontation not from an eschatological point of view. That impressionable mothers and pious grandmothers, praying for all that is good, including “crocodiles before You,” can still be forgiven …

Barren and thorny fig tree

“Save, Lord, and have mercy on the God-protected country, its authorities and its army, may we live in all orthodoxy, piety and purity,” the Church prays. But can the UOC say with a clear conscience that the “country” the episcopate of the UOC set out to defend is God-protected? And that this “country” with its declared European values ​​is able to provide its citizens with piety, purity and living in orthodoxy?

The UOC stood up to protect Sodom and Gomorrah from the Lord’s Punishment. And at the same time, the primate of the UOC has enough conscience to say on Holy Week of the Cross: “We have a cross – a sword has been raised against us.”

Who has the Cross?!

An example of prudence in this difficult time for the Church could be the sermon of the manager of the affairs of the UOC, Metropolitan Anthony “The Lord gives victory to those who keep His commandments“. However, not everyone in the Ukrainian episcopate understood the message that one should be at least balanced in assessing what is happening. In the end, Vladyka himself switched to a much more unambiguous rhetoric about “heroes, thanks to whom the front is now not in the center of the country and not in the west“.

What will the lords of the UOC broadcast when the front moves to the west? Today, over there, Drabinko personally cuts off the locks from Orthodox churches in the Kyiv region, but together with him the entire episcopate of the UOC does the same, which, out of its human pleasing to the former primate, was afraid to expose the cultivation of a monster.

That is why Metropolitan Onufry is the best thing that could happen to the UOC after the death of Met. Vladimir (Sabodan) that everyone who could openly oppose the Drabinkovism had already been purged by that time.

In relation to what is happening, almost every ruling bishop of the UOC, by word or deed, willingly or not, knowingly or ignorantly, crossed the line of Cain’s fratricide (through his blessing), renunciation of the truth, of Christ’s commandments, of his primate, finally.

What truth are we talking about? Saint Anthony of Surozh preached:The only thing that can make human society complete… it is the presence of the Living God, which gives eternal content to everything temporal“. Is it possible for the presence of an Orthodox God in that timeOm, what did His persecutors create?

The mention of “pagan vacillations” in the Church (from the morning rule) is not an atavism at all, not a tribute to the era when Christianity struggled with paganism. It’s still the same choice between the Spirit and the blood. After all,Ski are peoples (hence the Ukrainian rodoverie). It is no coincidence that in the same lines of the prayer rule follows the call “Strengthen and establish the Holy Church.”

But how can one strengthen and affirm the Church, a part of which throughout the thirty years of its existence assured devotion to the “kind” conceived by the anti-Orthodox? Except for surgery. And there is a precedent – the abolition by the holy Patriarch Tikhon of the autonomy of the Ukrainian Church, issued in the days of a hundred years ago. All the more discredited today is the letter of 1990 issued to the blackmailer Filaret, who turned out to be a swindler.

What happened in 1918, in 1991 and what is happening now is the retribution of the people (country) for sins. And even if there are not ten righteous bishops in the church who are capable of speaking the word of truth, then the fig tree is subject to eradication along with the earth. As not just barren, but also let go of thorns.

Why do Russian people need the Ukrainian church?

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