Oct 15, 2020
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The United States, together with terrorists, launched an offensive against the Russians in Syria. While informational

Judging by further actions, the Americans were very much annoyed by the recent incident between them and Russian patrolmen in Hasaka province in Syria.

The incident, as they say, is yet another: the Yankees intended to block the Russians' ability to move along the route. And after in the previous such attempt, the Americans were greatly frightened by Russian helicopters ... And the one who saw the transport-assault Mi-8AMTSh hanging over his head in all his armed splendor ... In general, it is easy to fall into a groggy state, even knowing that this machine on your side. And if against ...

About these wicked, wicked Russians!

Let's save, however, dots. The fact is that naive American barbarians decided that they knew which ace they should hide up their sleeve the next time they meet the Russians on the Syrian road. But something went wrong. The AH-64 Apache not only failed to impress the Russians, but it almost collapsed itself. Suddenly all systems went down. As reported later, the pilot managed to stabilize the car just a few meters from the ground.

AH-64 Apache. Photo: US Army / Globallookpress

In general, not a single animal was hurt.

But then the proceedings began what it was. As reported in the press, the Americans decided that the Russians had used some new means of electronic warfare. But it’s not clear what it is. And while some called this weapon "nameless", others remembered the good old "Krasuha-4". Most likely, because the Yankees experience something like a sacred awe in front of this product of the gods, which they still have no analogue. Indeed, according to some reports, it was this electronic warfare system that in 2017 led away three quarters of the American cruise missiles launched at targets in Syria. With his help, two newest products of overseas gunsmiths were landed in the desert, from where they quietly moved to Moscow, to one of the research institutes of the Ministry of Defense.

But there is a problem with Krasukha-4. It is too large, so it rides on a four-axle KamAZ-6350 chassis. In addition, despite the eight-year service life, the complex is reliably classified. So one can hardly expect its use as part of a military police patrol somewhere in the Syrian wilderness. That is, "Krasukha-4" is definitely there in Syria, deployed at the Khmeimim base, where it has already shown that it can suppress the GPS signal within a radius of up to 300 kilometers, but it is unlikely to include it in a mobile patrol.

"Krasukha-4" is too big, so it rides on a four-axle KamAZ-6350 chassis. Photo: Andrey 69 /

It can only be assumed that these evil Russians experienced something based on a microwave device. Silent shot lasting thousandths of a second - and come to the ground, aircraft, missiles and drones. But it is also doubtful - too much energy must be applied at once. Not a patrol option - especially for the sake of some American losers.

If everything is not complicated, the helicopter itself was broken.

For lack of a stamp, we write on the toilet ...

When there is nothing to answer, and most importantly, it is not clear what, Americans traditionally use what they ate the dog in. Hot. That is, propaganda.

And here the latest messages from Syria just brought curiously coinciding information.

So, four months ago, the press wrote that a special group of US military propagandists had arrived in Syria with the task of discrediting the Russian army. "Sofa" are in a sense fighters, capable, however, of delivering heavy informational blows using the mouse and keyboard.

In addition, as reported, American specialists under the command of Captain Crowe trained at least 20 task forces made up of militants, which is cleverer, from the Kurdish security service "Asayish".

The battles in this field began immediately. Even a little earlier. The United States is not alone in such a group.

Joint Russian-Turkish patrols in Syria. Photo: Azalden Idlib / INA Photo Agency / Globallookpress

Immediately, disgruntled residents gathered in the Kurdish village of Qasr al-Dib in Hasakah province to protest the presence of the Russian military on the outskirts of this settlement. It was characteristic that the group of men and women with children that drove up to the Russian checkpoint in 6 cars and a minibus did not look like local residents. With whom Russian soldiers are generally familiar and have talked more than once. Absolutely by chance, by magic, photographers and videographers were included in this group. Characteristically, the group received instructions from one of the "journalists", after which it moved to the Russian military. Where they raged a little, throwing slogans, quickly depicted a sit-down protest action, then curled up and left. The whole action took no more than 15 minutes.

Almost one-on-one, a protest rally took place in the village of Ain-Divar, where, during a planned patrol, Russian patrolmen ran into protesters local residents. The program of protests is the same - Russians, leave the village. The execution is similar: local non-local who shout and chant something, and local locals who just walk around the scene without an obvious intelligible purpose. And, of course, the "random" reporters who film everything.

The manual is obvious, especially since the "activists" are completely selflessly burning, obviously just trying to work out the dollars better. It can be assumed that stones will be used further, with which the "angry" residents will throw patrols, sit-in protests, and even lying strikes. Manual.

One only wonder if the Americans foresaw armed provocations in it, after all?

Fires are also weapons

It is rather funny that the aggravation of the information war on the part of the Americans almost completely coincided with the intensification of information provocations on the part of terrorists. Moreover, the real, terry, from the next modernization "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham" (a terrorist organization whose activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation). Those, however, have a lower chimney and thinner smoke. Well, barmaley, what to take from them.

Although they just started fanning the smoke. Serious wildfires are currently raging in Syria, partly from Lebanon and partly affecting Turkey. Summer is dry, there has been no precipitation for a long time, everything is logical.

But an important problem is that large-scale forest fires began to interfere with the operation of the Russian airbase in Khmeimim. It seems to be nothing alarming, the situation is under control, and the Russian military know how to fight fires, like rarely anyone else. It's just that the smoke is reported to have begun to interfere with flights with the same intensity.

Natural fires are raging in Syria. Photo: Str / Xinhua / Globallookpress

This is where the terrorists got ahead of themselves. Immediately on the networks went to scatter news without links, as if these fires were man-made. And the work of the "fighters against the regime" and the Russians.

As the military commander Oleg Blokhin, who is well acquainted with the Syrian realities, said in a conversation with Constantinople, deliberate arson cannot be ruled out. In theory. But in practice, the burning forests are quite far from the airbase. Therefore, the military commander does not exclude natural causes of sunbathing. “It's fantastic that they want to smoke our people out of there,” he said.

However, as we already know, in the information war, the truth is not needed. It doesn't matter that a mixed special-purpose aviation regiment of the Russian Aerospace Forces operates on the base, which has already eliminated 28 fires in Syria. The main thing is that the jihadists declared this to be their attack on the Russian military base. And, of course, this is already their victory.

And in this sense, terrorists are very similar to Americans. The main thing is to cluck louder.

So that everyone thinks that the chicken did not lay an egg, but the whole planet ...

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