May 11, 2022
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The United States takes revenge on Russia, Europe and the whole world for the shameful loss in Afghanistan

The United States takes revenge on Russia, Europe and the whole world for the shameful loss in Afghanistan

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The Ukrainian special operation brought sorrow to some, and joy to others. Most rejoice in other people’s deaths in the Pentagon, which is now rapidly increasing defense budgets. For the sake of this, NATO leaders are even ready to shoulder another burden – Finland and Sweden.

Those who disagree with the Pentagon are declared traitors. And this is democracy?!

Since the beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine, Pentagon officials have tirelessly told the American voter: look, they say, the gigantic budget of the American Armed Forces is more than justified. But money is not enough, let’s spend tens of billions more!

The US wants to increase its annual defense budget to a fantastic $813 billion (that’s one and a half times more than it was at the height of the Cold War). In addition, the Americans want to throw another $ 33 billion into the Ukrainian firebox – this is some kind of defense assistance to “brotherly” Kyiv.

All at the expense of the American taxpayer, which is now already suffering from economic turmoil. Suffice it to say that inflation in the US is now the highest it has been in forty years. But Washington is more concerned not with this, but with the fate of distant Kyiv.

To criticize American hegemonism in the United States today is like presenting yourself as a national traitor. Only a few decide on this. Filled with citizenship, lone experts are trying to appeal to the American layman to the voice of reason.

One such expert is a retired lieutenant colonel and senior fellow at the Defense Priorities think tank. Daniel Daviswhich offers an alternative perspective on Washington’s militaristic frenzy.

Break Defense: America will either go bankrupt or wallow in war

Davis, in particular, criticizes the decision to admit two Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Finland, to NATO.

According to the expert, this decision is made not based on objective security needs (which are enshrined in the NATO Charter, adopted back in 1949), but under the influence of politicians’ emotions. Finland and Sweden are completely unprepared for admission to the North Atlantic bloc, they do not have the necessary defense infrastructure.

But the admission of new countries to NATO is beneficial, first of all, to Washington, which will receive additional financial leverage. After all, each NATO member is obliged to spend on defense within 2% of its GDP.

In the opinion of Lieutenant Colonel Davis, the militarization of America does not bring anything good. “This path may well destroy our country: we will either go bankrupt or, worse, end up embroiled in a major war that we should never have entered into, suffering blatant and unnecessary military losses,” predicts Daniel Davis in an author’s column in Breaking Defense.

He absolutely reasonably points out that the Russian Armed Forces are now diverted to completely different tasks, they require restoration. At the same time, the Americans declare the existence of a certain threat, and under this mute increase the NATO grouping in Eastern Europe from 60 to 100 thousand troops. What a stark contrast to the 3.5 million troops who were under arms in the Warsaw Bloc by the end of the 1980s.

Lieutenant Colonel Davis draws attention to the fact that it is the United States that sends its troops to Europe. But rich European countries stand on the sidelines. And this suits everyone – both Washington and Brussels.

Mass media Has the meaning: Pentagon sacrifices Ukrainians just like Afghans

America should deal with the solution of current tasks enshrined in international treaties, and not stick its nose anywhere, Lt. Col. Davis sums up. And even if other American military experts adhere to such an opinion, they prefer not to advertise it. Terrible – will be declared a traitor.

Davis was heavily quoted on CNN, Fox News, SBG last year, but now he appears in the news less and less. Alas, the average American does not like the truth about himself. Especially the truth that the entire “American dream” is built on militarism.

Meanwhile, Davis points out that the Americans are trying so hard to “deal” with Russia also to compensate for their shameful losses. First of all, in Afghanistan.

The retired lieutenant colonel has written extensively since 2010 that the Americans have already lost the war in Afghanistan and must end it as soon as possible. However, general after general, and then president after president, refused to admit the obvious and instead tried to hold on to Afghanistan.

First, they increased the number of troops, then they increased it even more, then they tried to keep this bloated contingent. The missions and goals of the Americans in Afghanistan have also been adjusted several times. Nothing helped.

“At the same time, the Pentagon continued to throw financial and human resources into solving the problem in a futile attempt to succeed in what was clearly an unattainable goal from a military point of view,” Davis writes in a column for the liberal Media Matters.

Instead of admitting its failures in Afghanistan and making the necessary changes to its military strategy, the US government continued to pump anti-Islamic frenzy into society with propaganda. This malicious misrepresentation of the facts led to the continuation of instability in Afghanistan, which eventually resulted in the shameful expulsion of the Americans.

Isn’t it very reminiscent of what Washington is doing with Ukraine now? Not recognizing its military failures, the Pentagon only multiplies other people’s deaths.

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