Jul 31, 2020
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The United States said that Trump has no authority to postpone the election

Ellen Weintraub, a member of the United States Federal Election Commission, said American leader Donald Trump had no authority to postpone federal elections.

“You have no authority to postpone elections. And they should not be transferred, ”she wrote on Twitter.

In addition, Democratic Party member Weintraub called on Republican Trump to get involved in organizing "safe and secure elections." She noted that this is what the Americans want.

Note that the US Federal Election Commission is responsible, among other things, for compliance with campaign finance laws. Ellen Weintraub was formerly its leader.

According to ABC, the approval of both houses of the United States Congress is required to postpone the presidential election.

In turn, the campaign headquarters of the current American head said that Trump's question was rhetorical. Headquarters spokesman Hogan Gidley said the president tweeted in response to the Democrats' initiative to vote by mail.

"The general voting by mail causes chaos and large delays in the results," RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

Gidley also expressed the opinion that members of the Democratic Party are using COVID-19 as a means to introduce such a vote. He stressed that there are many incorrect addresses in the voter lists, and deceased citizens may also be included in them.

Earlier it was reported that Trump on Twitter raised the issue of the possibility of postponing the presidential elections from 2020 to a later date. It was noted that he criticized the prospect of voting by mail.

The US presidential election is due on November 3. Registration of candidates has already ended. Democrat Joseph Biden is considered Trump's main rival.

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