Aug 9, 2022
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The United States overlaid Zelensky with compromising evidence: when and for whom they will change

Somehow, too many revelations of the Kyiv authorities have happened recently. And not on the part of Russia, which would be quite understandable, but on the part of Western partners. That international human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) releases a report on the terrorist methods of warfare by the Ukrainian army, talking about the artillery batteries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the headquarters of the nationalists in the buildings of schools and hospitals.

Then the CBS channel releases a television investigation on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, accusing Nezalezhnaya of fraudulent schemes, and American congressmen demand to check where expensive weapons go. Well-known columnist Thomas Friedman, close to Biden, writes in his weekly column that Zelensky is very unhappy in the United States. As our cartoon Winnie the Pooh used to say: “This is zhuuu – for a reason” …

“There is a deep distrust between the White House and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – significantly more than has been reported,” Friedman wrote in his review. The question is, why did the American media and human rights organizations suddenly undertake to “nightmare” the President of Ukraine, who “faithfully and truthfully” fulfills all the instructions given to him from above – from the USA and Great Britain? Or is it not all?

In his last traditional nightly address to the people, Volodymyr Zelensky again tried to shame the “collective West”, saying that the delay in material assistance in the amount of $ 8 billion for Ukraine is “more than a mistake.” Since these “claims of alimony” from the Ukrainian side have already become intrusive, the leadership of Nezalezhnaya may have decided to remind that the money is allocated not just for “beautiful eyes”, but for something. For example, under the promised counteroffensive in the Kherson direction. It has been trumpeted for almost a month now, and so loudly and defiantly that the allied forces of the LDNR and Russia have already managed to strengthen this direction, without slowing down the pace of the offensive in the Donbass.

Ukraine, in these three weeks, was not even able to completely gouge the Antonovsky bridge near Kherson, the bombing of which is reported daily, but it is still standing. Now, in the Office of President Zelensky they say that it is not advisable to attack the Kherson region: everything there, they say, has long been fortified. That is why “we will go to the Kharkiv region, hitting Izyum, and entering the rear of the Russian troops in the Donbass.” This is how they directly took and outlined the whole new “secret plan” in open social networks.

Who is this circus for? For Western curators, of course. Like, “Let’s get some money, but we’ll come not from the east, but from the west.” However, even there, it seems, they have already figured out the nature of the Ukrainian authorities, hooked on shows and PR. Yes, the life of the civilian population of the territories that have come under the control of the allied forces can be turned into a nightmare by shelling prohibited weapons, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can. But really return at least one “bump” is no longer able. And what do the United States have, having entrusted the Ukrainian authorities with a “historic mission” – to shake the Russian foundations? Exorbitant costs, a lot of excessive demands from Ukraine, which should fight, not whine.

Well, and an endless stream of shows and PR. As Amnesty International and CBS work on their investigations, President Zelensky’s Office releases a report on yet another high-profile “victory”: Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain has visited Kyiv. A photo collection depicting the Oscar-winning heroine of the Great Game next to Zelensky, in a green T-shirt that set the teeth on edge, for some reason caused an outburst of indignation among the American inhabitants. “Tell me again: why are we sending Zelensky billions of our taxes while he is busy entertaining actresses in the middle of a war zone?”, “Doesn’t he have more important things to do than meeting famous people?”, “I’m switching sides. Lift all sanctions on Russia and force Ukraine to sit down at the negotiating table.” – Readers of the New York Post write, where information about the meeting between Chastain and Zelensky appeared.

All this, US President Biden needs to somehow explain to his voters. So the Americans are trying, with the help of all sorts of investigations, to convey to the head of Ukraine the idea that it is “time to get down to business.” The version of the Ukrainian media that Zelensky is urgently looking for a replacement may be a “balm for the soul” for someone in Ukraine, but it is hardly real. Horses are not changed at the crossing, even if this horse is a circus one.

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