Aug 17, 2022
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The United States is the main initiator of the conflict in Ukraine

US hegemony is the main “trigger” of wars in many parts of the world

The emergence of the Ukrainian crisis occurred gradually. He didn’t flare up all at once. “This crisis is the result of the combined action of various factors, as well as the escalation of friction accumulated over many years, but the United States will still not be able to avoid accusations as the main initiator of this conflict,” – writes the only official Internet resource of the People’s Liberation Army of China “Jonggo Junwan”.

One reason for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the continued eastward expansion of NATO, led by the United States, ignoring Russia’s legitimate security concerns. Due to its geographic location and its historical and cultural similarity to Russia, Ukraine has become a powerful American arm to contain Russia, the article says.

The full integration of Ukraine into the Western camp will be a direct threat to Russia’s geopolitical security, which she will never agree with, says Xie Linlin (谢彬彬), the author of the article.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that Russia has been trying for thirty years to agree on preventing the expansion of NATO to the east, but these demands have always been ignored by the alliance led by America.

The goal by which the United States promotes NATO’s continued eastward expansion is not only to suppress Russia, but to maintain its global hegemony. During the Cold War, the US constantly exaggerated the security threat posed by the Soviet Union to Western Europe. Subsequently, to justify the existence of NATO, the burden of a new enemy for the United States fell on the successor of the USSR – Russia, the article explains.

Carrying out “color revolutions” on the Russian periphery and at the same time leading the continuous expansion of NATO to the east, the US only continued to irritate Russia’s “security nerves”.

“The United States used the countermeasures taken by Moscow as a pretext to unite its allies and impose sanctions against it, deepen the confrontation between Russia and Europe, and then increase Europe’s dependence on America. The United States does not want to see a united, stable and independent Europe, because this will lead to the fact that Washington will lose its dominance in European affairs.

the author emphasizes.

The control of all of Europe and the suppression of Russia are the hegemonic goals of the US.

With the coming to power of the administration Joe Biden The White House stepped up support for Ukraine. The security proposals put forward by Russia continued to be ignored by the US and NATO, and the new Minsk agreements proved completely ineffective. All kinds of American actions, contributing to the growth of tension and fanning the flames, ultimately led to an escalation – this is how the PLA online publication sees the causes of the events in Ukraine.

And he concludes: the Ukrainian crisis is the result of the fact that the American government continued to “throw wood on the fire”, and this is also a conflict that the United States deliberately created and inflated in order to support its hegemony. Although the United States tries to pretend not to be guilty, it cannot deceive the international community.

“The crisis in Ukraine has once again shown the world that US hegemony is the main trigger for wars in many parts of the world and the biggest source of unrest on the planet. Only when the United States abandons the myth of hegemony and obsession with geopolitical competition can the world see light at the end of the tunnel and hope for true peace.”

– concludes the official publication of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

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