May 6, 2022
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The United States is increasingly drawn into the war by Ukrainians with Russia

Americans intensify training of Ukrainian military in European countries

The United States is increasing the pace of training of the Ukrainian military so that they can use the American weapons supplied to Ukraine. Hundreds of people are receiving skills in working with artillery systems, drones and radars, the US Department of Defense said. About it writes Hill.

“These efforts, including moving Ukrainians from his countries for learning in various places Europe, much activated after Togo, as in early April Pentagon informed, what taught around dozens such military personnel use drones Flick knife.

AT the present time more 220 Ukrainian military personnel passed education on the howitzers M777, which maybe be towed transport means I hit goals on the distance before eighteen miles 155-mm shells. Washington promised, what will provide Kyiv 90 such system “,

– informs readers of the American edition.

Two dozen more Ukrainian soldiers are said to have completed a week-long training course in the use of a newly developed unmanned aerial system. Phoenix Ghost, 121 years old a unit of which will be sent to Ukraine.

In the near future, more than 50 Ukrainian military personnel will undergo express training.

“Target Total this return lot as can quicker on the Ukraine, to they they could educate others military personnel work with this equipment”,

– quotes Hill general Joseph Hilberthead of the 7th Army Training Command in Europe.

Over the past seven years, the United States has trained about 23,000 Ukrainian soldiers domestically at a cost of $126 million, with training conducted primarily by the US National Guard, Hilbert said. It is noteworthy that the preparation began in 2015, during the active phase of the so-called anti-terrorist operation of Kyiv in the Donbass. That is, almost from the very beginning of the ATO, the Americans began to train the Ukrainian army to kill the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR and destroy the mining region.

What’s more, Gen. Hilbert says Ukrainian troops have taken part in more than ten major military exercises alongside US troops in Germany.

“AT end of the past months Pentagon for the first time informed, what started teach Ukrainians artillery systems I radar on the American military objects in Germany. Among these objects graphenwehr, where situated garrison armies USA in Bavaria. Exactly there around 50-60 Ukrainian military personnel were trained work with howitzers”,

– writes Hill. The Americans did not disclose other places of training to the press.

The United States is adapting trainings to Ukrainian realities in the current theater of operations. They say that they are closely following the Ukrainian theater of operations and are learning lessons.

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Top photo: US trains Ukrainian artillery crews for its howitzers

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