Nov 18, 2021
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The United States is delaying the extension of visas for almost 60 Russian diplomats

The American side is delaying the extension of visas for almost 60 employees of the Russian Embassy and Consulates General of Russia in the United States, and about 40 more employees are awaiting entry permits in Moscow. The statement of the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, is reported by TASS.

He added that taking into account the families of the named employees, we are already talking about 155 citizens. Antonov called the situation “a violation of family values” when some members of the families of diplomats have visas, while others do not.

The ambassador believes that “the American side deliberately presents itself as a victim of visa restrictions on the part of Russia.” According to Antonov, they want to lay the responsibility for consular and visa difficulties on Moscow, although this is not true.

Along with this, the diplomat expressed the opinion that the current situation with the work of the Russian and US embassies is unacceptable, and because of the accumulated “irritants” one should hardly expect cardinal breakthroughs in this matter. At the same time, as the ambassador emphasized, the Russian side is doing everything possible to resolve the situation.

In October, Antonov announced that the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States continues to issue visas for Americans in full.

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