Sep 15, 2020
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The United States intends to reduce the supply of Russian uranium

The US Department of Commerce and Rosatom are in talks to reduce the supply of uranium from Russia from 20% to 17% of the basic needs of the United States.

The US Department of Commerce and Rosatom began work on the draft amendments to the agreement on September 11, 2020. <...> In general, the draft changes will reduce the US dependence on uranium imports from Russia in the long term. <...> This corresponds to an average of about 17% over the next 20 years, - led a message from the amendments to the agreement on the suspension of the anti-dumping investigation of uranium from Russia, posted on the website of the Federal Register, to PRIME.

It is noted that the anti-dumping investigation was suspended in 1992. Many US nuclear power plants operate on Russian fuel.

As wrote earlier, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia reported that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will stop trading in electricity with Belarus after the launch of the Belarusian nuclear power plant in the city of Ostrovets. It is specified that the corresponding agreement was reached on August 31 by the ministries responsible for the energy sector of the three Baltic countries.

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