Oct 14, 2021
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The United States in Ukraine became hostages of the domino theory

In the photo: US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland outside the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Photo: US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland outside the Russian Foreign Ministry. (Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS)

Russia and the United States agreed to continue consultations on resolving the situation in southeastern Ukraine. This was announced to reporters by the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Dmitry Kozak following a meeting in Moscow with the US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland

According to him, the parties confirmed that the settlement of the conflict is possible only on the basis of the Minsk agreements. The United States confirmed, he said, the position voiced earlier in Geneva that significant progress in resolving this issue is hardly possible without agreeing on the special status of Donbass as part of Ukraine.

“Taking into account the coincidence of approaches on this principled position, we agreed to continue mutual consultations,” said Dmitry Kozak.

His counterpart also called the negotiations on Ukraine productive, meeting common interests, along with the interests of Ukraine, France and Germany, “in the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and the restoration of peace, stability and Ukrainian sovereignty in the Donbas,” embassies Jason Rebholz

The discussion of the actual fate of Ukraine without the participation of the most independent, probably, once again confirms its lack of sovereignty. However, the United States did everything to legitimize the coup and so far supports the Ukrainian authorities in every possible way, although perhaps not as actively as Kiev would like.

Deputy Director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University Vladimir Shapovalov considers US statements of adherence to the Minsk Agreement to be a diplomatic phrase.

– The usual rhetoric, which is not new, has been constant for the United States throughout the existence of the Minsk agreements. This is the third American administration – it was Barack Obama, after Donald Trump, now Joe Biden… The United States did not question the Minsk agreements, but in fact it is the United States that is behind the scenes that Kiev sabotages these agreements.

In addition, the visit of the US military delegation to Ukraine begins today. Before that, there were a number of actions related to military contracts. All this testifies to the fact that, in parallel with diplomatic communication on the issue of Ukraine, the United States continues to develop and saturate military cooperation with this country, gradually turning it into an important outpost in the struggle against Russia. Any military strengthening of Ukraine by the United States is directed against Russia, we should not discount this, this is standard American policy.

“SP”: – And actually why was this visit necessary then, if the Americans are strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine and do not offer qualitative steps to resolve the situation?

– It should be included, as I see it, in the overall transformation of American foreign policy. There are very serious processes taking place associated with the weakening of the United States as

superpowers, on the one hand, and the strengthening of the US struggle to maintain this position, on the other, which, in all likelihood, threatens the world with an escalation of tensions.

In this context, the United States is leaving Afghanistan and other territories, which we will see in the near future, on the other hand, they are creating military alliances, for example, AUCUS, directed primarily against China. Americans strive to concentrate resources on the areas most important to them and abandon the least important ones. Ukraine is, of course, the least important. It is not of great importance to them, but this does not mean that they are going to abandon Ukraine, the territory has already been seized.

In Ukraine, the pro-American regime will be supported, it will be preserved as a springboard for possible anti-Russian actions and a territory that can be used for various purposes – for provocations, including military ones, information war, destabilizing the situation in different regions of Russia, that is, maintaining a small hybrid war against Russia. In fact, this regrouping in the United States is now on the agenda.

“SP”: – What did Nuland want from Russia?

– In all likelihood, she did not bring any specific proposals that would suit Russia. It was such a reconnaissance in force. I think the tasks facing the American Foreign Ministry and which Nuland, as the person in charge of the Russian direction, is also solving – to drive a wedge between Russia and China, this is the maximum task. And it may be trying to some extent to carry out actions aimed at minimizing Russian influence in Eastern Europe.

“SP”: – But in Russia, for sure, they understand it.

– Russia is tuned in to dialogue, it is the United States that is not tuned in to it. We always believe that there should be a dialogue, even if relations between countries are very badly damaged. At the same time, Russia has national interests, which at the moment, apparently, do not imply any agreements with the United States, since they are in conflict with the globalist interests of the United States.

Russia will not agree to sever relations with China, it is not going to carry chestnuts for the United States in their military adventures, including helping in the Middle East, primarily in the situation with Afghanistan. Russia will continue to protect its citizens, compatriots in Eastern Europe, in particular in Ukraine.

Russia needs to conduct a dialogue with the United States on Ukraine, because Ukraine is not a negotiable country, it is not a subject of international relations, but now there are no possible lines where the interests of Russia and the United States in Ukraine may coincide. Some private agreements on a ceasefire, exchange of prisoners of war, humanitarian missions are possible, but there is no reason to hope that the situation will change for the better.

Chief Researcher, Institute of the USA and Canada, Vladimir Vasiliev believes that the United States after the withdrawal of Afghanistan found itself in a difficult position.

– Two crises are approaching America, it is difficult to say to what extent they will be resolved, but the theory of dominoes, sitting in the American mind, is starting to work.

The first problem is Taiwan. America may not have time to gasp as Taiwan floats away. This is a very serious international crisis and a foreign policy defeat. Second, Iran has nuclear weapons. Even if he symbolically declares that he is a member of the nuclear club and somehow reinforces this, this is the same colossal blow to the US foreign policy positions. While this American zone of influence is swinging, it is important to protect yourself.

The Americans themselves caught up with the situation when China can do something in the Taiwan Strait, Iran will make a bomb, and Russia can grab Mariupol or something else on the sly. In America, they may think that in this situation, the domino theory will go further.

The Americans would like to freeze the conflict from an objective point of view. To remove Ukraine as a headache, so that it does not detonate at an unnecessary moment, not even by itself, but by the totality of falling domino chips. The Americans do not want to pedal the Ukrainian question yet.

We see that Kiev for a long time is ready to jump off the Minsk agreements. In the summer, there were already statements of withdrawal. In this regard, Nuland’s visit may have been of an intelligence nature, or it was diplomatically stated that the United States was adherents of the Minsk agreements.

On the other hand, Russia may have taken advantage of the situation by prioritizing US-Russian relations: first settle diplomatic relations, and then all the rest.

“SP”: – To what extent is the American administration capable of negotiating?

– Even if some agreements have been reached, this does not mean that America is today able to fulfill them. Nuland does not have the authority to conclude any deals, she was the guarantor of their implementation. There are other forces involved.

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