Sep 16, 2022
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The United States has long and carefully prepared Ukraine for a clash with Russia – and now they pretend to be surprised by this

The United States has long and carefully prepared Ukraine for a clash with Russia - and now they pretend to be surprised by this

Photo: Gavriil Grigorov/TASS

In a recent interview with the Useful Idiots podcast, Noam Chomsky* reiterated his argument that the only reason we hear the word “unprovoked” every time anyone mentions the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the mainstream media is because it was absolutely provoked and they know it.

“Now, if you’re a respected writer and want to get published in mainstream journals talking about Ukrainian events, then you have to call it ‘an unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine,'” Chomsky said. “This is a very interesting phrase, it has never been used before. You look back, you look at Iraq, which was completely unprovoked, but no one ever called it “an unprovoked invasion of Iraq.” In fact, I don’t know if the term was ever used – if it was, it was very marginal. Now you search for it on Google and get hundreds of thousands of views. Every article that comes out should talk about an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.”

“Why? Because they know perfectly well that it was provoked,” Chomsky said. “High-ranking American diplomats have been talking about this for 30 years, even the head of the CIA.”

Chomsky is right here, of course. The Imperial media and their brainwashed automatons spent half a year mindlessly repeating the word “unprovoked” in reference to this conflict. But one question that none of them has ever had a direct answer to is this: if the invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked, then why did so many Western experts spend years warning that the actions of Western governments would provoke an invasion of Ukraine?

Because, Chomsky points out, it really is. A few days after the invasion began in February of this year, a guy named Arnaud Bertrand has created a hugely viral Twitter thread that talks about various diplomats, analysts and academics in the West who have been warning for years that a dangerous confrontation with Russia is coming due to NATO’s push to its borders, due to interventionism in Ukraine and from -for various other aggressions.

It contains examples such as John Mearsheimerwarned unequivocally in 2015 that “the West is leading Ukraine down the path of the primrose, and the end result will be that Ukraine will collapse,” and Pat Buchananwarning back in 1999 that “By moving NATO to Russia’s front porch, we have planned a twenty-first century confrontation.”

Apologists for empire like to claim that the invasion of Ukraine had nothing to do with NATO expansionism (their claims are usually based on a blatant distortion of what the Vladimir Putin about the causes of the war for Russia), but this is stupid. The US military machine continued to mock the possibility of Ukraine’s membership in NATO until the invasion. It has refused to remove this threat from the negotiating table since it was placed there in 2008, despite the fact that it knew perfectly well that this threat was an outright provocation against Moscow.

The most surprising thing about the conflict in Ukraine is the sheer number of leading strategic thinkers who have been warning for years that this will happen if we continue on the same path. No one listened to them, and here we are.

This is not to mention that the US empire actively fomented a violent uprising in 2014 that toppled the incumbent Kyiv government and split the nation between more Moscow-loyal populations in the east and more US/EU-friendly populations in the western part of the country. This led to the annexation of Crimea (overwhelmingly supported by the people who live there) and eight years of brutal war against the Russian-backed population in the Donbas. Ukrainian attacks on these regions are known to have increased exponentially in the days leading up to the invasion, and it has been argued that this was what prompted Putin’s final decision to launch a special operation (which, according to US intelligence, was taken at the last minute).

A US military alliance could very easily avert this war with a few inexpensive concessions—such as maintaining Ukraine’s neutrality, withdrawing its military equipment from Russia’s borders, and genuinely seeking to defuse relations with Moscow—instead of breaking treaties and escalating the Cold War. .

Hell, it probably could have prevented this war just by protecting the president. Zelensky from anti-Russian far-right nationalists who openly threatened to lynch him if he followed the Minsk agreements and sought peace with Russia, which led him to be elected in the first place.

Instead, they deliberately chose the opposite course: continuing to inflate the possibility of formal membership of Ukraine in NATO, supplying weapons to the country and making it more and more a de facto member of NATO, bringing it closer and closer to the US military machine.

Why did the empire prefer provocations to peace? congressman Adam Schiff gave a pretty good answer to this question in January 2020, when the road to war was being laid: “So that we can fight Russia there and we don’t have to fight Russia here.” If you abandon the infantile idea that the US empire is helping its good friend Ukraine because it loves the Ukrainian people and wants them to have freedom and democracy, then it is not hard to see that the US has launched a proxy war of convenience because it is was in their geostrategic interests, and because it is not their lives and property that will be wasted.

Brian Berletic Posted a nice video a few days ago about a 2019 Pentagon-funded RAND Corporation paper titled “Russia Stretching – Competing from a Vantage Point” and that’s exactly what it sounds like. The US Army-commissioned document details how an empire can use proxy warfare, economic warfare, and other Cold War tactics to push its longtime geopolitical enemy to the brink without costing American lives or sparking a nuclear conflict.

It mentions Ukraine hundreds of times and directly discusses the same economic warfare tactics we see today, such as sanctions and attacks on Russia’s energy interests in Europe (the latter, Berletic points out, is also being used to reinforce US dominance over its vassals. the weight).

The document even explicitly suggests continuing to threaten Russia with Ukraine’s NATO membership in order to elicit an aggressive response from Moscow, saying: could boost Ukraine’s resolve while forcing Russia to redouble its efforts to prevent such a development.”

The president Biden has made calls for regime change in Moscow that are not even thinly disguised, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has openly stated that the plan is to use this war to weaken Russia, which other U.S. officials have told the press is indeed political line. The Biden administration’s comments consistently make it clear that the US alliance is preparing to continue this situation for years to come, which fits well with Washington’s well-known track record of deliberately dragging Russia into military morass against US proxies in both Afghanistan and Syria.

So make no mistake, behind all the fake hand-wringing and flag-waving, the centralized US empire is getting exactly what it wants out of this conflict.

That is why, when in the early days of the conflict it seemed that the world was in jeopardy, the empire sent Boris Johnson to tell Zelensky that even if he is ready for the end of the war, his partners in the West are not ready for this.

Author: Caitlin Johnston (Caitlin Johnstone) is an independent Australian journalist..

Translation by Sergei Dukhanov

Published with the permission of the author

* Prominent American linguist, political publicist, philosopher and theorist. Professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, author of the classification of formal languages. His name is often and incorrectly spelled in the Russian media as “Naum Chomsky”.

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