Sep 8, 2021
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The United States entered into an agreement with the Taliban *. This time in secret – CNN

The US authorities have again entered into an agreement with the Taliban. This time in secret, according to CNN.

This was announced on Wednesday by CNN correspondent Barbara Starr, citing sources in the Pentagon. According to her, a “pragmatic relationship” has developed between the US military and the Taliban *. Washington has agreed with the Taliban to arrange an escort for American citizens so that they can safely travel to Kabul airport. These agreements were in effect during the last days of the evacuation.

There was a secret agreement with the Taliban to escort American citizens. The Taliban escorted the Americans to the airport, where they were met by US soldiers and taken inside. This went on for several days,

– noted Barbara.

However, this scheme has not fully justified itself. According to the journalist, a number of American citizens did not have time to leave Kabul. There were many reports that they were unable to get past the militants’ checkpoints. And now the US authorities are trying to free their citizens through diplomatic channels. In total, according to the Pentagon, there are 100-200 Americans left in Afghanistan.

Note that Washington in the past has already concluded deals with the Taliban. In 2020, former US President Donald Trump agreed with the militants that they would not seize Kabul and would allow the formation of a transitional government, and the United States would withdraw its troops from the country in return. However, as soon as the American side began to fulfill its part of the deal, the Taliban violated the agreement and moved to Kabul.

The militants captured the entire country in about a month. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and members of the government fled, and Western countries began to urgently evacuate their diplomats.

* The Taliban, the Taliban are a terrorist organization whose activities are prohibited in Russia.

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