Aug 31, 2021
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The United States doesn’t know everything

US President Joe Biden said that according to American intelligence estimates, the group known as IS in Khorasan * was involved in a terrorist attack in Kabul, which killed about two hundred people and wounded more than a thousand.

Immediately after the terrorist attack on August 26, Biden held a press conference, during which he announced that he had ordered the Pentagon to find and punish the ISIS behind this terrorist attack. The head of the White House said: “Those who carried out this attack, know: we will not forgive! We will not forget! We will hunt you down and make you pay! “

Immediately after the Taliban * took over Kabul, Biden addressed the American nation with what has already been called “the speech of the greatest defeat.” In my opinion, it was a frank and bold speech in which President Biden tried to substantiate the fact that the decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan was the correct, logical and necessary step, while noting that “The costs of the United States for training and equipping the 300,000 Afghan Armed Forces with modern weapons and equipment (which exceeds the number of the armies of many of the US NATO allies) exceeded $ 1 trillion.”

In his speech, Biden also said that “We gave them everything they needed, we paid them their salaries, we assumed the costs of maintaining their aircraft. The Taliban have no aviation. “

In conclusion of his speech, the head of the most powerful military power, which until recently was considered the “world gendarme” and “ambassador of democracy and freedom” throughout the world, drew attention to the fact that the United States provided the Afghans with “All the possibilities to determine their own future, but could not give them the will to fight for this future.”

It is possible that the American administration, the CIA, the Pentagon, and with them human rights organizations and civil society, that is, all those who have tried for twenty years to “reformat” the Afghan people, Afghan culture and introduce the values ​​and principles of Western democracy in Afghanistan, did not pay attention to the fact that Afghanistan as a country far from the West in geographical civilizational and cultural terms, “gravedigger of democracy”, as it is called, is an Asian state with its own cultural traditions, its own identity, geographical location and its millennial history.

Perhaps Biden had no idea that the “future” he talked about with his usual Anglo-Saxon arrogance was different from the future that millions of Afghans envisioned, who patiently watched as, under the guise of “rebuilding the country,” “preparing, training and construction of the Afghan army ”, with the help of other tricks used by the military-industrial complex and organizations of the US civil society, there was laundering, theft and export of financial resources from Afghanistan.

Two days ago, in an interview with RT (Russia Today), the editor-in-chief of the WikiLeaks website, Kristinn Hrafnsson, said that the “Memoirs of the Afghan War” published on the site 11 years ago, representing the internal correspondence of the US military department, as well as diplomatic dispatches and CIA documents for the period from 2010 to 2014 (in total, about 91 thousand documents were published, which was the largest information leak in the history of the US armed forces), convincingly show what “benefit” the American military-industrial complex gained from the “huge loss.” financial resources. We are talking about the fact that over one trillion dollars “settled” in the pockets of the military-industrial complex and contractors of private companies, which were supposed to train the military-police forces of Afghanistan.

Hrafnsson also noted that the largest arms manufacturers in the United States “have made tenfold profits over the past twenty years.”

The US President was outspoken in his address to the nation regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan. This fact, no doubt, will be credited to him. But we would like to hear from the head of the American administration such “confessions” and statements, for example, about the withdrawal from Syria, Iraq, Jordan and the countries of the Persian Gulf, about the dismantling of American military bases in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe and other parts of the world, where the presence of these bases creates hotbeds of tension, revives the atmosphere of the Cold War, not to mention the fact that the presence of these bases places a heavy burden on the country’s already burdened budget, and therefore on the shoulders of American taxpayers.

I would like to hear from the American President what plans exist for the dissolution of NATO, whose mission was completed after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact Organization. After all, the unipolar world, as they say, ordered to live a long time. It was replaced by another, multipolar world. This world was formed and continues to form before our eyes. Now this simple truth must be understood, grasped and assimilated by the United States.

It is time for Biden and his allies to stop, like Don Quixote, fighting windmills, that is, with the notorious “Russian threat”, with “hostile actions of Russia” and stop considering Russia their “enemy”.

It is time to give up the illusions about the possibility of changing the culture and politics of different countries by artificially imposing the values ​​and principles of “Western democracy” as supposedly “the only way” that ensures security, stability and sustainable development for these countries. The United States and Western intelligence agencies should stop funding cross-border and transcontinental structures, organizations and figures, end adventures like “interaction” with terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, IS and others for the sake of achieving certain “tactical and strategic goals.”

What is happening today in the Middle East and before our eyes in Afghanistan is convincing evidence of the catastrophic results and consequences of such “games” of Western intelligence services. Suffice it to recall the sad events of September 11, 2001, the twentieth anniversary of which will come in a few days. Now we are all witnessing the sad picture of a “race against time” in which the United States and other Western countries are involved, trying to complete the evacuation of their subjects from Afghanistan by August 31st.

The withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan is undoubtedly a positive development. This is how the Russian leadership views it, considering it an inevitable, albeit belated step. However, the security vacuum left by the United States and its allies must be filled as soon as possible, before terrorist organizations can return to the country. In this case, Afghanistan can again turn into a camp for training terrorist gangs and become a hotbed for the spread of terrorism and the emergence of illusions about the revival of the Islamic caliphate.

Perhaps the most important development in the current situation in Afghanistan relates to the news broadcast on Pakistani television about an agreement between the Taliban and the opposition Northern Alliance forces based in the Panjshir Gorge. Such an agreement would help to avoid military escalation in this country and avert the threat of civil war from it.

It is possible that the Taliban will be able to unite the entire spectrum of various political forces by forming a government of national unity, which would take into account the interests of all layers of Afghan society and respect the rights of women. After all, the Taliban, acting alone, will not be able to fully control the situation in the country. By the way, a split may occur within the Taliban movement. This is evidenced by the explosions in such a strategically important place as Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. The current authorities were unable to prevent these explosions. It should be reminded that the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the explosions. The Taliban condemned the attacks.

The statement by the new Minister of Information of the Taliban government, Zabiullah Mujahid, can also be considered positive, stressing that the Taliban “Will do everything in order to prove that it is not” an instrument of murder and reprisal, “as Western countries claim”… According to the minister, the Taliban are “A political movement, the goal of which is the liberation and development of the country.” The Mujahid emphasized that the Taliban are not seeking expansion into the countries of Central Asia or towards the borders of Russia. They advocate the establishment of diplomatic relations with all states.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday, August 25. When discussing the situation in Afghanistan, the importance of maintaining peace, security and the prevention of violence in the country, the establishment of an inter-Afghan dialogue, which would contribute to the formation of an inclusive government that takes into account the interests of all groups of the population, was emphasized. The expediency of using the capabilities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the fight against terrorism and the drug threat was also noted.

The complexity of the current situation around Afghanistan is that the absence of any prospects for future development leads to the emergence of “lone wolves”, that is, suicide terrorists. Each of these terrorists becomes a kind of “hero of our time”, brought up in the traditions of the culture of a kind of “American superman”. Meanwhile, it is well known that the “bearers” of such a culture have helped and continue to help terrorist organizations in various parts of the world. A person who has gone through such a “school” not only holds a machine gun in his hands, but himself becomes a “part” of an explosive device. Thus, in the modern world, the killer is at the same time the “weapon” of murder. By committing a terrorist attack, he kills himself. As the saying goes, the character leaves, but the action remains.

In October 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. However, it does not know everything, and it should not know everything. “

These words are fully applicable to Afghanistan today. The United States is leaving this country simply because “They do not know and should not know everything.”

Rama Al-Shaer

* terrorist organizations banned in the Russian Federation

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