Sep 11, 2021
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The United States announced the continuation of the fight against the “Nord Stream-2”

The United States will continue to fight the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline even after the actual completion of its construction, because it is a dangerous geopolitical project. This was stated at the YES Brainstorming forum in Kiev by the senior adviser on energy security of the US Department of State Amos Hochstein, reports TASS.

According to him, the initiative has nothing to do with gas supplies and threatens European countries. Hochstein assured that Washington will carefully monitor the certification procedure for the pipeline to ensure that it fully meets the requirements of the EU’s Fourth Energy Package.

At the same time, the representative of the State Department recalled that they are not worried about Russian oil and gas, but about their political use in Europe. To this end, the United States has made certain efforts to provide Europe with liquefied natural gas (LNG), which can replace supplies from Russia.

Earlier, during the same forum, the head of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, said that blocking the operation of the gas pipeline is possible even after the completion of the actual construction. In this way, in his opinion, US sanctions may become, due to which European companies will refuse to buy gas that has passed through Nord Stream 2.

The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was completed the day before, on September 10. Before starting gas pumping, it is necessary to carry out commissioning and certification of the pipeline. Bloomberg sources claim that deliveries may begin as early as October 1, but the Bundestag doubts this.

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