May 1, 2022
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The United States and Ukraine are bringing the Reaper missile “sickle” over Moscow. And even over the Urals and Siberia

In the photo: M142 HIMARS missile system

In the photo: M142 HIMARS missile system (Photo: ZumaTASS)

In recent weeks, it seems, not a day goes by without Ukraine attacking Russia’s border areas. But what happened on April 27, 2022 in the sky over Voronezh, in my opinion, stands apart in this series of state of emergency.

Let me remind you: last Wednesday at 04.40, our air defense systems shot down a Ukrainian drone for the first time over the outskirts of the regional capital. Region Governor Alexander Gusev described it as “small reconnaissance”. And he assured that “nothing threatens the life and health of the inhabitants.”

But it is precisely the latter that can be doubted. And that’s why. The thing is that it was definitely not the Voronezh high-rise buildings in Shilovo that interested Ukrainian military intelligence at all. The object of their burning interest on Wednesday was definitely the nearby Baltimore military airfield. The latest Su-34 front-line bombers of the 47th bomber aviation regiment of the 105th mixed aviation division of the 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Western Military District are based here. It is they who, with high-precision bombing and missile strikes, from the first day of the Russian special operation, regularly “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine to a very great depth (the combat radius of the Su-34 is 1,100 kilometers).

What was their drone looking for at our most important airfield? To try to answer this question, I’m sure it’s worth getting acquainted with another message from the enemy camp.

As a Ukrainian military expert and head of the Come Back Alive Foundation said on April 26, 2022 Taras Chmutfrom across the ocean, the first mobile launchers of the American multiple launch rocket system and, at the same time, the M142 HIMARS operational-tactical missile system have been delivered to his country and have already been installed on firing sites in the Kharkiv region. These are capable of firing at a distance of up to 300 kilometers with two types of single short-range ballistic missiles: ATACMS Block IA with a cluster warhead for 300 submunitions and ATACMS Block IIA with six self-aiming BAT submunitions. By the way – indispensable for guaranteed destruction of point targets such as “aircraft”.

Chmut, a former sergeant of the Ukrainian 501st Separate Marine Battalion, who fought a lot for the Donbass after 2014, gloatingly, though illiterately, anticipates in advance: “They say that somewhere in the Kharkiv region they want to wish good morning to their northern neighbors and their non-denazified cities.” To this message, the former Marine pointedly attached a photo of just the HIMARS OTRK system.

How can this be connected with the reconnaissance raid of an enemy “drone” last Wednesday to the main airfield of Russian bombers “Baltimore” in this strategic direction? I am very much afraid that all of both news are actually twisted into a tight knot by the combat logic of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: M142 HIMARS, prepared for firing near Kharkov, and aerial reconnaissance of our airfield near Voronezh.

The fact is that Kharkov is the closest Ukrainian city to Voronezh. There are only 279 kilometers between them in a straight line. Thus, both this city of ours and the indicated military airfield fit perfectly into the likely zone of reach of American weapons from the territory of Ukraine. True, on one condition: it must be made for firing somewhere near the Russian-Ukrainian border. With the current state of the course of the special operation in these parts, where we have not been conducting active offensive operations for a long time, it is not such a problem.

Further. If our assumption is correct, if Ukraine has indeed already begun practical preparations for a surprise missile attack on the Russian “Baltimore” by American ballistic missiles, why would the organizers of this venture send a reconnaissance UAV there before? And those to some extent give us their intentions? Can’t Kyiv and the Pentagon get any and the most detailed information about the Baltimore and the number of Su-34s there from the US space satellites? And even about their parking lots and taxiways?

Of course you can. Precise, to the centimeter. But I would not rule out that the mission of the UAV shot down near Voronezh was not at all to look at our airfield from a height and to transmit the received “video picture” to the ground control point. No, much more important for Kyiv, perhaps, was a preliminary test of the state and density of our air defense system in the intended direction of a missile attack. In order not to waste expensive US ATACMS Block IA and ATACMS Block IIA. Which can be knocked down. Or – immediately when crossing the state border. Or – Russian missile-gun systems “Pantsirami-S1”, standing guard over the sky over the “Baltimore”. Or even on approach to the airfield.

How, in this case, to evaluate the result of intelligence carried out by Ukraine? Unfortunately for us – as partially successful. Because at least we shot down the Ukrainian “heavenly slug” in the end, but only over the city, to which he was heading. Allowing him, thus, with impunity and unnoticed, “flutter” over Russia for at least three hundred kilometers. The air defense officers overslept, in other words. Or there were none at all that day on that very route.

I really hope that not only Kyiv, but also Moscow has already drawn the necessary conclusions from what happened. And if American missiles are actually about to try to hit Baltimore, Russian air defense systems will meet them as expected. Only even this will not fully solve the huge problem that the West is currently piling up in front of our country with all its might.

The essence of the new global threat to Russia urgently emerging by the West on the air of Times Radio last Tuesday was outlined by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain James Hippie. He stated bluntly: “It is absolutely legal for Ukraine to strike deep in Russia to disrupt logistics. If these (military – “SP”) supplies are not disrupted, then this will directly lead to death and bloodshed on the territory of Ukraine … I would say that these are absolutely legitimate military targets.

Since these words were sounded immediately after the meeting of the defense ministers of the leading Western countries at the American air base Ramstein (Germany), then, presumably, we have before us the coordinated position of all today’s enemies of Russia. They gathered together to bomb not only our military airfields, but, of course, our homes as well. One simply does not exist without the other. “Á la guerre, comme á la guerre.”

In the light of this news, which of us, and at what distance from the combat zone in Ukraine, is at risk of being under an unexpected missile strike?

It is absolutely clear that the long-standing “blue” dream of Kyiv is to somehow and at least someday reach Moscow (not the one that died the cruiser, but which is the capital of Russia) or its environs. Recently, a well-known political scientist, head of the Institute of the Middle East Evgeny Satanovsky warned that, according to his information, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine recently set such a task for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Well, if it has been set, it means that the National Security and Defense Council considers it, which yesterday seemed like an absolute utopia, now quite real. If not immediately, then in the near future. When a number of conditions are met. First of all, the Americans.

How and with what is Kyiv and Washington thinking of carrying out such an operation? For its implementation, the already mentioned OTRK HIMARS will not be enough. As they say, the handles are short. Something more substantial and more formidable in combat is needed.

Satanovsky believes that there is a possibility that the National Security and Defense Council will try to use long-range strike drones with missile weapons to strike at our capital, which are capable of reaching not only Crimea, but even the Moscow region, which is much more distant from this country that has completely gone off the rails.

What kind of drones will the Ukrainians in this case try to throw, if not on Moscow itself, then on the Moscow region?

Oddly enough, such information is no longer a military secret. According to Bloomberg, since mid-April, the Ukrainian authorities have been negotiating with General Atomics Corporation to purchase MQ-9 Reaper heavy reconnaissance and strike drones at a price of $32 million apiece. Expensive for a poor and utterly devastated country? However, if it works out, the States will supply these weapons to Kyiv on account of the Lend-Lease announced by Washington.

Furthermore. On April 12, The Washington Post reported that the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States held a meeting with representatives of General Atomics, which produces the MQ-9 Reaper. As it turned out, the named company has the opportunity to start deliveries of the requested weapons to Kyiv immediately. It’s just a political decision of the leadership of the United States and the settlement of legal formalities.

And what is the MQ-9 “Reaper” thing? Weight – up to 4750 kilograms. Armament – GBU-12 “Paveway II” guided bombs and AGM-114 “Hellfire” (“Hellfire”) air-to-surface missiles with semi-active laser or active radar guidance. The practical ceiling of the flight altitude is up to 13 kilometers. At a speed of 250 km / h, it is able to stay in the air for up to 24 hours.

So consider how much the “Reaper” will overcome in this mode. Let’s say it’s easy to get to the Urals from some Kharkov (if, of course, air defense allows). And even to Novosibirsk. Although politically Moscow would be the most tasty target for Kyiv and the United States.

Thus, Russian attacks to an almost unbelievable depth from Kyiv look more and more likely every day. I think we can deal with this in only three ways.

First: to prevent such types of weapons from falling into the clutches of Kyiv. In the trash to carry them along the road and in places of preliminary storage and deployment.

Second: quickly move the front line away from our borders.

Third: to strengthen the air defense system of the Russian Federation in the western strategic direction in every possible way. Perhaps even – due to the weakening of other sections of the border.

But something decisive needs to be done. And immediately. Until the “Reapers” came for our souls to where no one ever expected them.

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