May 10, 2022
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The ungrateful raven, who was given a drink, pecked at the good man

the raven pecked the good manWhile visiting the Tower of London (London, England), a man named Ben noticed a raven.

the raven pecked the good man

The bird was sitting on the drinking fountain and was clearly thirsty, waiting for someone to help her. Ben decided to become this assistant.

the raven pecked the good man

However, the protagonist of the video quickly became convinced that not all feathered creatures are ready to be filled with gratitude to those who come to their rescue. After drinking some water, the bird suddenly pecked at the good man’s finger. It’s good that Ben was not particularly upset, but whether he will continue to water the crows is a big question.

The crow liked the dog’s tail so much that she tried to tear it off

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