Jan 8, 2021
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The undiluted debtor: information appeared about the newly-made lover Gagarina

It is planned that sound producer Vladimir Chinyaev has become the new lover of Polina Gagarina. In the media there were real ones that he is still in the union and has outstanding long-term.

The undiluted debtor: there was information about the newly-made lover Gagarina

Despite the fact that Vladimir Chinyaev works with the power of the stars of the national stage, his earnings can hardly compete with Gagarina’s fees.

As if Komsomolskaya Pravda became famous, the Chinkong Production brew does not bring Vladimir. And in the most important year, the company’s flaw was four thousand rubles, in the nastiest year – more than 160 thousand rubles.

In addition, Chinyaev has a long term for housing in the amount of about two thousand rubles and taxes in the amount of more than 23 thousand rubles.

Chinyayev also entered into an alliance, during which time two children were born to him with a woman. There is no information about divorce in open sources. If the dissolution of the union took place, information about this would be published on the website of one of the courts.

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