Oct 6, 2021
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The UN diplomat abruptly cut short a new complaint from Kiev: "Russia is not obliged"

Russian diplomat, Russia’s representative in the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, Denis Lozinsky, sharply responded to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry after further accusations and complaints against Moscow. “Russia did not undertake any obligations,” he recalled.

In particular, Lozinsky responded to a statement by the director of the International Security Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Volodymyr Lakomov, who accused our country of “flagrant violation of the provisions” of the Budapest Memorandum, when the latter “occupied Crimea.”

According to the Russian diplomat, any accusations of Russia’s violation of the provisions of this memorandum are groundless and are an element of anti-Russian propaganda.

He recalled that the clauses of this memorandum do not apply to circumstances that have become a consequence of the actions of internal political or socio-economic factors.

“Russia did not undertake the obligation to force a part of Ukraine to remain in its composition against the will of the local population,” he said, adding that against the backdrop of the rampant Nazism in Ukraine, for the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol, returning to Russia was the only chance to protect their vital interests.

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