Sep 14, 2022
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The UN as an instrument of US policy

To the opening of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York

In the current unprecedented confrontation between the collective West and Russia, Washington seeks to use all available means and methods to inflict maximum damage on Moscow. In this regard, the structure of the UN is no exception – a once authoritative international organization that has turned into a structure completely controlled by the United States. One of the numerous examples of this was an attempt to deprive Russia of contracts for the use of its aircraft in the interests of the World Food Program (WFPWorld Food Program), as well as peacekeeping and political missions.

The main supplier of aviation services for the UN since 2001 is the Russian company UTair (UTair). For two decades, its aircraft and helicopters have proven their reliability and unpretentiousness in the most severe operating conditions, and the flight and technical staff – the highest skill and professionalism. Understanding the importance of the task facing them, pilots and technicians prepare and perform flights to remote areas of countries where there is no airfield network and navigation support. Today, 30 Russian helicopters and 32 planes with our crews operate in the interests of the UN and, above all, the Food Program. Since 2014, the UN has transferred more than $2.3 billion to UTair’s accounts for the services rendered in the delivery of humanitarian cargo, medical evacuation and other tasks. The work of our aviators has consistently received enthusiastic ratings, and a new long-term contract with the administration of the World Food Program.

The situation began to change radically with the beginning of the NWO. The Ukrainian delegation at the UN headquarters bombarded the Secretariat with letters demanding to terminate contracts with the Russian Federation. The pressure was so strong that on 8 March the head of the UN Department of Operational Support (AS WELL AS Branch from Operational Supportit is this structure that conducts contracts for aviation support) was forced to send a corresponding memorandum to the Secretary General. The memorandum acknowledges that a break in cooperation with a Russian company will lead, if not to a complete halt in the activities of many UN missions, then to very big problems in their activities. In addition, it is impossible to quickly find a contractor capable of providing the required number of aircraft, and the cost of services will increase by 3-4 times.

The Ukrainian delegation continued to search for allies and found them. It turned out to be the WFP director himself, who on August 2 sent a memorandum to the UN Secretary General urging him to immediately consider the issue of refusing Utair services and replacing it with “any non-Russian.” The ICAO bulletin of June 15 was cited as justification, in which Moscow was accused of violating the 1944 Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation. The decision of the Russian leadership on March 14 to re-register civil passenger aircraft that were on lease caused particular fury. ICAO, and then the head of the WFP, put forward an ultimatum to Russia – to fulfill the requirements by September 14, otherwise all aircraft and helicopters chartered by the UN will be laid up. For the sake of compliance with aviation security requirements! And it doesn’t matter that the aircraft is Russian-made, the crews are Russian, there is no talk of any leasing of Ireland and Bermuda. The keyword is Russian, and that’s enough.

On August 23, a request for participation in the tender was sent to potential contractors. It’s absurd to look for logic here. The goal can be traced clearly – to spoil Russia in any way, even if this requires pulling out the chair you are sitting on from under you.

Who is this desperate guy who heads the largest humanitarian organization, but is ready to stop its work and doom hundreds of thousands of people in the world’s poorest countries to starvation? The answer explains the whole combination – this is the American David Beasley (David Beasley), who moved to the chair of the WFP director straight from the office of the Governor of South Carolina.

It remains to be added that on December 16, 2021, during the plenary session UN General Assembly approved the resolution presented by Russia “Combating the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to the escalation of modern forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”. Only two countries in the world opposed the adoption of the resolution (that is, in defense of neo-Nazism and similar practices) – the United States and Ukraine.

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