Oct 11, 2021
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The Ukrainians shot down a plane with dozens of passengers and blamed Russia. History repeats itself

The ended work week began with a sad round date – the 20th anniversary of the destruction of a Russian passenger airliner by mistake by the air defense of Ukraine.

As a result of the tragedy that occurred over the Black Sea on October 4, 2001, 78 people, citizens of Russia and Israel, were killed. This dramatic story had a continuation, to which Constantinople pointed out.

Belatedly apologizing after trying to deny their criminal bungling and having paid monetary compensation to the families of the victims of the plane crash under international pressure, the Ukrainians … did not recognize legal responsibility for it. They also refused to pay compensation to Siberia Airlines for the destroyed aircraft.

And now in Ukraine they even claim that the Tu-154 was actually shot down by Russia, and the Kiev authorities, having received a large bribe from Moscow, took the blame, “covering up” the Russians, – notes international journalist, candidate of historical sciences Sergei Latyshev in my review for the week.

The lack of true remorse and the possibilities of manipulation of this kind of incidents that opened up with the increased influence of the West on Ukrainian affairs, as a result, prompted Kiev to completely deliberately destroy the Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass sky in 2014 with much greater human casualties, the columnist for the First Russian emphasized.

With the support and complicity of the West, he was immediately “hung” on Russia with far-reaching political goals. This case has not been closed yet. The possibility of new provocations is not excluded. Vigilance is needed, – Sergei Latyshev believes.

Recall that the crash of flight MH17 became the largest (in terms of the number of fatalities) in the history of aviation since September 11, 2001, entered the ten largest plane crashes in history and was the largest plane crash in the post-Soviet space. Investigation powers were transferred by Ukraine to the Netherlands and entrusted to the Dutch Security Council (DSB) and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT). Unfortunately, the investigation turned into a political farce.

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