Sep 4, 2021
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The Ukrainian athlete turned down photos with the Russians twice. But I miscalculated

Ukrainian athlete Igor Tsvetov twice refused photos with Russians. However, he miscalculated: the Russian athletes reacted quite calmly to the attack of the “patriot”, explaining how they show love for the Motherland.

Tsvetov, who won silver at the Paralympics in Tokyo in the 200-meter race, again refused a joint photo with Russian athletes Dmitry Safronov and Artem Kalashyan. The Ukrainian again stood apart from his sports colleagues.

He had previously explained his strange attacks. According to the Ukrainian, this is how he shows love for his country and patriotism. According to Kalashyan, the Ukrainian’s behavior did not hurt them with Safronov, but called this attack “ugly.” He noted that at first he and his colleague did not even understand what was the matter.

Dmitry Safronov also calmly reacted to the strange behavior of his Ukrainian colleague. He noted that this Ukrainian’s love for his native country is calculated by such behavior, while his own love for Russia is calculated in gold medals.

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