Oct 6, 2021
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The Ukrainian Armed Forces will be defeated in the Donbass, so they will have to concede, – Ukrainian general

An attempt at a military solution to the conflict in Donbass will lead to the defeat of Ukraine, said the former commander of the internal troops of Ukraine, ex-head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, General Alexander Kikhtenko.

In his opinion, Kiev must make concessions to resolve the conflict.

“It is necessary to leave, perhaps, only one ‘red line’, beyond which not to cross. These are changes in the Constitution and the creation of separate republics within the Donetsk region. Well, I don’t see it, I see only one (country, – approx. RV).

It is necessary to make certain concessions, perhaps more than they could have been in the 15th year. Because the situation has gone much further. But you can do it, ”he said on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

Kikhtenko stated that the situation in the region has deteriorated significantly, and Kiev will have to yield more than it was offered in 2015. At the same time, the general stressed that the conflict does not have a military solution.

“It is impossible to do this by military means, no matter who says anything. Because if some hot head comes up with an idea to conduct a military operation, it will end in a serious defeat, because today Ukraine does not have such opportunities to resist the Russian army alone, ”the general noted.

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