Dec 29, 2020
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The UAE registers a vaccine against COVID-19 of the Chinese company Sinopharm

Earlier, Sinopharm was given permission to conduct phase III clinical trials of an inactivated vaccine (based on the killed virus) in the UAE on June 23 after the successful completion of phases I and II. The researchers reported that all 1,120 healthy volunteers developed high titer antibodies after receiving two doses of the drug. The final phase of testing, the scientists had to carry out in the UAE, since at that time the coronavirus epidemic in China was under complete control, and it was difficult to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine. Currently, clinical trials of the vaccine are also underway in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Peru and Argentina.

The UAE’s regulatory authorities issued an emergency vaccine permit back in September after receiving an interim analysis showing that the vaccine is 100% preventing cases of moderate to severe COVID-19, the FT reported. Today, the UAE Ministry of Health announced updated data, according to which the overall effectiveness of the vaccine is estimated at 86%. The detailed results of the clinical trials have not yet been made public, but the country’s authorities considered them sufficient to register the drug for mass use. The UAE health authorities said the registration would be “an important step in the fight against the pandemic.”

Sinopharm has pledged to produce 1 billion doses of the vaccine in the coming months, according to the FT. By the end of 2021, the pharmaceutical company will release 10 billion doses. It intends to provide vaccines not only to China, but also to many third world countries.

Earlier, on December 8, Indonesia’s state-owned pharmaceutical company Bio Farma announced the interim results of clinical trials of another Chinese inactivated vaccine, created by pharmaceutical company Sinovac. The effectiveness of the drug was estimated at 97%. Presumably, permission for emergency vaccinations will be obtained from the local regulator at the end of January. In November, the developers published the results of early and mid-term trials of the vaccine, confirming its safety and the rapid development of an immune response in volunteers. At the same time, the levels of antibodies in those vaccinated during the tests were lower than in those who had had COVID-19. However, this did not affect the vaccine’s ability to protect the body from the pathogen, scientists say.

Currently, five types of vaccines against coronavirus are being developed in China. One of the vaccines produced by Cansino Biologics is being tested in Russia.

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