Sep 14, 2022
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The trickster decided to jump into the water from a bungee and hit a very sensitive place

bungee jumped and hitA group of friends from Wisconsin (USA) decided not only to have fun fishing and swimming, but also to tickle their nerves by bungee jumping into the water.

bungee jumped and hit

Friends somewhat modernized the bungee already on the shore, making the rope longer, but this was not worth doing, because the “mathematics” turned out to be wrong. Chad Murty, one of the daredevils, gathered his courage and was about to jump down when the elongated rope played an extremely cruel joke on him – the extreme hit his back on a root sticking out of the ground.

bungee jumped and hit

It is to be hoped that Chad was not badly injured, although the video showing the bungee bungee failure caused many viewers to wince in pain.

After going fishing, the young man got a terrible injury

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