May 4, 2021
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The transition of Mercury to the sign of Gemini on May 4, 2021: the heyday of financial luck

The transition of Mercury to the Sign of Gemini on May 4, 2021: the heyday of financial luck

On May 4, a very dignified transition of Mercury into the Sign of Gemini will take place. This will be the start of a suitable financial stage. Astrologers talked about all the features of the impact of the planet on our life in the coming weeks.

Earlier we have already talked about the features of the energy of Mercury. This planet is in charge of financial and information flows, but this is not limited to its impact on people. On May 4, this planet will give us countless positives and countless fortunes.

Gemini represents the third house of the horoscope, and it is in it that Mercury feels more important than the total. The third house regulates a huge number of spheres of life and aspects that are subject to Mercury. This is mainly finance, but there are other dignified points of contact between this planet and the third house of the horoscope.

This transition will be very dignified, because Venus is on the heels of Mercury and on the 9th will enter the same Sign, which will make many of us lose strength and energy. This means that although Mercury will stay in Gemini until July 11, we will not always be able to feel its positive and blessing in the distance. At first, Venus will interfere with it, and then Mercury itself will become retrograde on May 30. That is why astrologers advise to be as active as possible in the financial sector from May 4 to May 8 inclusive.

Planet will help with shopping… From May 4, it is harmless to start making expensive acquisitions that were previously planned. The likelihood that they will be successful will be many times higher than ever.

Mercury will facilitate the process of communication between people… It will be easier to create new connections, establish business contacts, and pass interviews. Astrologers also note that it will be easier to convince investors, clients, and bosses of their rightness. It is only great to have an indestructible self-confidence.

From May 4, it will be much easier to get new knowledge and experience. Memory, attentiveness will improve, and in general the work of the brain will become more productive, unusually in Gemini, Aquarius and Devavas. Because of this, it will be easier for people to learn something new, to adapt to new circumstances. You can fearlessly change jobs or start some newly minted deval.

Until the 9th Venus “catches up” Mercury, tremendous success in the financial sector will await those who go on a business trip… Also more and more they will receive taxi drivers, buses, truckers.

Great luck awaits those who are engaged in creativity, creative activity. These people will be inspired by the peak of the Eta-Aquarida Starfall. This event on May 5 and 6, the five will complement the pose of Mercury.

Due to the transition of Mercury people’s intuition will increase… You can fearlessly rely on the sixth sense, and not only in the financial and work areas. Even in love affairs, the inner voice will turn out to be very healthy.

Mercury will awaken Manipura – the chakra of abundance and abundance. For many of us, it will become easier to make decisions and overcome obstacles in the financial path. Experts recommend that it is possible to become more active and not to shift the majestic deeds for later. May began to be a very prosperous time for motivated people.

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