Sep 10, 2021
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The tragedy of 9/11 twenty years later

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the US Supreme Court ruled to continue the investigation into the terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001.

In connection with this decision, the fate of the Lord Protector of England, Oliver Cromwell, was recalled. The story goes that Oliver Cromwell, who came to power as a result of the civil war in England, in 1649 ordered the beheading of King Charles I Stuart. The representatives of the Stuart dynasty did not like this, and, returning to the throne 12 years later, they decided to respond to Cromwell in kind. True, the Lord Protector had already died two years ago due to illness, but this did not bother the English sovereigns. They decided to get him out of the grave and execute him by hanging. Then the remains of the Lord Protector for a long time dangled on the gallows in the center of London.

What has to do with the 9/11 event? Here’s what. 20 years have passed since the terrorist attacks in New York, and justice has not been triumphed. And the people are still restless! We must get the villains who are there from the prison and give them what they deserve!

It’s just that the US authorities were so busy introducing new anti-terrorist laws and the war in Afghanistan that they did not have time to conduct an investigation into this sensational case. And now the time has come. Five of the criminals are in Guantanamo Bay and can finally be tackled. There are rumors that they were tortured, forced out a voluntary confession, but what people do not talk about. These are rumors. But the fact that they have been imprisoned for many years without a sentence is a fact. Almost like Cromwell, only he was lying in the tomb of Westminster Abbey, and these are sitting in the dungeons of Guantanamo.

By the way, all materials on them are terribly classified. However, Joe Biden said during his election campaign: the materials will be declassified. Hooray! – exclaimed American journalists, the traditions of Anglo-Saxon justice are alive.

True, then Joe Biden added: the FBI believes that the declassification process is not easy. Maybe we’ll start in six months … And the amount of information about the investigation should be limited. You never know what … The secret is the same. Perhaps, for reasons of national security, pre-trial procedures should be conducted behind closed doors. Moreover, one should not forget that the court will be a military one. A special commission will be engaged in the selection of officers for the role of assessors. This will also take a couple of months. In general, we will not start before April 2022. Maybe later. In the meantime, 15 media representatives have been selected, who were admitted to the Camp Justice, where the pre-trial process will begin. They looked at everything there: halls, rooms for witnesses, and cells for prisoners. So Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who conceived and carried out the devilish plan together with his accomplices, cannot avoid trial. And possibly the death penalty. 2977 people killed in the terrorist attack will be avenged.

The main thing is that during the trial, secret information that can … constitute a state secret was not disclosed. The judge said so. Therefore, it is planned to hold open sessions on Tuesdays and closed sessions on Wednesdays.

There will be no photos or videos. There will be an artist depicting the participants in the meetings with his fearless hand. Human rights activists argue that the arrested were initially held in secret CIA prisons abroad, and they were received at Guantanamo prison already processed to such an extent that they will give such answers as needed. And yet, some questions have not gone anywhere … They, of course, can not be raised at the hearings, but without an answer to them the court will be unconvincing.

– How did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed manage to teach the accomplices who had completed the courses in controlling light-engine aircraft (two pedals, one lever) to operate super-complex jet Boeings?

– How did the terrorists manage to crash into the Pentagon building, making a difficult somersault? Will there be a survey of experts about the possibility of such turns on the Boeing?

– Will there be a hearing of witnesses on the question of where the remains of the Boeing that crashed into the Pentagon and the remains of the people killed in it went? Will there be a protocol of inspection of the scene of the incident?

– Was there an examination of the metal from the structures of the fallen buildings? Will a report from New York firefighters be considered that the metal looks crumpled by explosions rather than molten? Where has this metal gone?

– Will experts be heard on the question of the melting temperature of steel structures in the combustion of aviation kerosene?

– Will construction experts be heard on the issue of the complete destruction of a high-rise building from an aircraft hitting its upper part?

– Will the materials of computer modeling of the process of destruction of building No. 7, carried out by the University of Alaska, be considered? According to the authors of the study, considering the process of destruction in milliseconds unambiguously indicates a controlled demolition of a building.

Is this why the FBI is demanding half a year to declassify the available information? Will it not be engaged in their “creative processing” in these six months?

There are other issues that have not been discussed and are not being discussed in the American media. For example, what kind of “escort planes” followed the crashing Boeings?

And a lot of other things.

It is obvious that the reopening of the investigation and the trial are called upon to close once and for all the page of history that has still troubled the minds of Americans. Judging by the declared secrecy of the process, there will be no sensations on it, and the above questions will not arise during the hearings either. The court will put an end to this case and send the perpetrators after Oliver Cromwell. After all, the criminals must be punished. And the world will finally calm down. He will see that there is no “deep state” with its anti-human intrigues. In America, everything is under control. God bless America.

Artist Igor Yaroshenok

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