May 5, 2022
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The top ordered in the online store turned out to be baggy and did not cover the buyer’s breasts

baggy top did not cover the chestAshlee Simpson saw a beautiful top on the Pretty Little Thing website that she loved.

baggy top did not cover the chest

Therefore, a resident of Scotland, without hesitation, forked out for 15 pounds and bought a new thing. But the very first fitting of new clothes went awry. Although Ashley indicated her size (and the tag indicated the correct size), the top was not at all tight-fitting, as it should be. Instead, he hung on the woman’s body with an unsympathetic rag, completely exposing her breasts.

baggy top did not cover the chest

The buyer decided to order the same top, but in a much smaller size, but then she was disappointed – in the online store all the tops she liked were sold out. Ashley consoles herself with the fact that she at least laughed at the fashionable failure and amused her friends.

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