Oct 27, 2021
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The Times: Poland promised Brussels to defend its rights

EU threatens to block funding for Warsaw

“Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warned: if the European Commission“ starts a third world war ”by stopping funding for Poland due to the fact that it has declared the independence of its judicial system from the EU, it will defend the rights of his country“ with any weapon, which we have at our disposal “,

– writes a British newspaper Time

The Times: Poland promised Brussels to defend its rights

The European Commission has decided to postpone consideration of the allocation of financing to Poland in the amount of 36 billion euros. This aid was previously promised to restore the Polish economy, which suffered during the pandemic, the newspaper notes. In addition, Brussels threatens to cancel the allocation and additional aid in the amount of 21 billion euros if Warsaw continues to demonstrate its rebelliousness and insist on the supremacy of Polish laws over European ones.

Mateusz Morawiecki I am sure that all these threats and demands of the European Union are too reminiscent of negotiations with a pistol at his head. But if this continues in the future, if Brussels insists that the European Court has priority over Polish laws and the country’s Constitution, while threatening, Warsaw will have to defend itself.

“What will happen if the European Commission starts the third world war? If they start a third world war, then we will defend our rights with any weapon that we have.

If someone attacks us in a completely unfair way, we will defend ourselves in any way possible. We believe that this is already a discriminatory diktat-style approach. But if things get worse, we will have to rethink our strategy. “

– said Moravetsky in an interview The Financial Times

V Once explains: the Polish prime minister did not mean a real weapon for defense, but his veto, using which Warsaw will be able to freeze the adoption of all decisions within the European Union, paralyzing the work of all European structures and thereby causing chaos in Brussels. At the same time, Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that Poland is not going to leave the European Union. But Warsaw has its own demand for the European Commission – to abandon plans to apply to the European Court of Justice to impose daily fines on Poland until the country changes its position.

“It would be the most reasonable step on their part. Because then we will not talk to each other with a pistol to our temples, ”

– the head of the Polish government is sure.

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