Sep 18, 2022
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The third world against the West in the Ukrainian issue

The Western policy of isolating Russia is rejected not only by the Eurasian members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, but also by the vast majority of countries in Africa and Latin America. On this issue, the unanimity of the governments of the left and right views is demonstrated, which is especially clear in the Latin American region, which the United States considers its “backyard”.

16 September President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorconsidered a left-wing politician, accused the West of deepening the conflict in Ukraine to serve its own interests.

“Interest groups occupying state or economic positions are making every effort to bring politics to an armed conflict (in Ukraine – FSK.).And once they have made this mistake, instead of correcting it, they choose to make it worse, not caring about the suffering they cause to humanity or the damage they do to the stability of nations and the well-being of societies.”– said the Mexican leader.

According to Obrador, the Ukrainian conflict “inspired by the interests of the military industry” West, while the sanctions against Russia and the massive supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime only intensified the confrontation and suffering of the people.

A few days earlier, NATO’s policy on the Ukrainian issue was criticized by the President of Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro – a representative of the right ideological and political camp. The situation in Ukraine, in his opinion, is similar to the Caribbean crisis of 1962, and the Russian special operation was a response to the threats of the North Atlantic Alliance to accept this country into its ranks.

“They are joining NATO, they will place the missile just a few minutes from Moscow. Just like in the situation with the Bay of Pigs (Bay of Pigs – FSK.) in 1962. The Soviet Union placed there [баллистические ракеты]and the American government said: “Put it away, otherwise it will be bad.” And they took it away.”the Brazilian President commented.

Recall that on September 16, Samarkand hosted the SCO summit, which unites China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan – in total over 3.4 billion people. Full membership in the organization is approved by Belarus and Iran, Mongolia and Afghanistan remain observers at the SCO, Turkey has clearly announced plans to join the community.

BaboutMost of humanity, united in the BRICS and SCO or outside of them, refuses to support the West’s confrontational course towards Russia. The world is becoming multipolar and this process cannot be reversed.

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