Apr 30, 2021
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The third wave of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out

The third wave of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out

But there is a remedy that can significantly reduce the risk of getting sick. And it’s not just vaccinations.

The fact that the threat of a third wave of coronavirus incidence in Russia is possible was recently announced by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov. According to him, the government headquarters does not weaken attention to the topic of coronavirus, while maintaining a whole set of restrictions.

Probably, despite the positive dynamics of the daily incidence – until the end of March, the daily number of new cases was steadily decreasing – and the vaccination campaign, our headquarters is also monitoring the situation in Europe.

And there the picture is not at all rosy. The third wave is in full swing, the incidence is growing, against which the EU countries are again introducing restrictive measures. In Berlin, from March 31st, residents must present a negative covid test to visit any store other than supermarkets. In France, the curfew continues to apply throughout the territory. In Italy, on the days of Catholic Easter, from April 3 to 5, a nationwide quarantine was introduced.

According to the Spanish newspaper ElPais, the EU in the first quarter of 2021 was unable to achieve any of the targets for vaccination of the population. By March 31, Brussels hoped to vaccinate 80% of the population over 80 and medical personnel. In fact, only 27% of elderly people and less than half of health workers were vaccinated. And the WHO called the pace of vaccination in Europe prohibitively slow, clarifying that only 10% of the region’s population received one dose of the vaccine and only 4% completed the vaccination process (received both doses).

What then can we say about Russia, which is far behind Europe in terms of the rate of vaccination of the population. According to estimates, at the end of March, only 7-8 million people were vaccinated in our country. As a percentage of the country’s population, it is about 5%. And the incidence rate in our country is stable at about 9,000 new cases per day.

Therefore, it is too early to “throw off the masks” and talk about achieving herd immunity in Russia. Doctors strongly recommend getting vaccinated and not giving up personal protective equipment – this will bring the end of the pandemic closer.

For those who, for some reason, decided not to be vaccinated or have received only the first component of the Sputnik V vaccine, an effective preventive measure was recently announced. One of the creators of the SputnikV vaccine, director of the N.N. N.F. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper noted that coronavirus is very sensitive to the interferon status of a person, and if there is a lot of interferon in the body, then the person will not get sick. Therefore, he said, a massive prophylactic intake of drugs that cause the body to produce interferons at the beginning of a pandemic would help reduce the incidence of COVID-19 by 20-30%.

At the same time, Alexander Gintsburg emphasized that taking nadone interferon, and preparations of interferon inducers. “Because interferon itself is very easily degraded and toxic. It is a powerful drug that acts locally. If injected, hair may begin to fall out, similar to chemotherapy. And it is necessary to introduce an interferon inductor. ” Head of NITsEM named after Gamalei noted that we ourselves take a course of the drug “Kagocel” two or three times a year.

Lifestyle helps maintain immunity in working order: physical activity, hardening, proper nutrition, sleep and taking vitamins. But it can also be reduced due to chronic or past acute diseases, vitamin deficiency, stress, irregularities, etc.

In seasons when viruses are especially active – in autumn and spring – it is possible to stimulate the production of interferons by the body to an effective protective level with special drugs. They are suitable for both prevention and treatment of a wide range of viral infections: various ARVI, influenza, herpes. The active substances of these drugs cause (induce) the synthesis of interferons in the body and maintain their amount at a level sufficient to protect against infections.

Perhaps, it is worth listening to a well-known microbiologist, because the epidemiological situation in Russia always follows Europe. If there, in spite of all the measures taken, the third is raging, then here it is quite possible in the near future.

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