Oct 11, 2021
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The third and fourth world wars will be unleashed by the USA and China – Robert Farley

An American expert predicted two world wars due to the conflict between China and the United States.

The American edition 19Fortyfive claims that the rivalry between China and the United States could lead to two new world wars.

“The confrontation between Beijing and Washington, most likely, will not end in one decisive clash, but will lead to a series of wars,” political analyst Robert Farley told the publication.

In particular, China and the United States could spark a conflict over Taiwan. “Even if China wins the campaign for Taiwan, it will not eradicate fundamental contradictions with the United States,” the expert said. At the same time, US support will not force Beijing to abandon the idea of ​​reunification.

Farley noted that “it is difficult to predict the reaction of Asian states to the military success of the PLA, it can be assumed that after this event, countries such as Vietnam, Japan and South Korea will strive for a closer alliance with Washington.”

The expert also stressed that any military conflict in the Pacific Ocean will lead to a big catastrophe due to the destruction of infrastructure between Asia and America.

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