Dec 27, 2020
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The thief, flattered by someone else’s property, did not expect a meeting with the decisive landlady

thief and determined landladyThe lady, who became the main character of this video, certainly does not take up determination.

thief and determined landlady

And her feelings and emotions can be understood, because none of us will like it if we see how a brazen intruder encroaches on our property. In this case, the thief who was tempted by the barbecue grill certainly did not expect the landlord to fight back so violently.

thief and determined landlady

The woman rushed out of the house screaming (including obscene words in an angry speech), almost entered into hand-to-hand combat with the criminal and even wanted to throw furniture at the retreating offender. It can be assumed that now the house, which is so well guarded, will be avoided by the stranger.

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