Sep 24, 2021
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The terrorists were led from Riyadh and … by the CIA?

The terrorists were led from Riyadh and … by the CIA?

The United States publishes “classified materials” on the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Relatives of the victims, convinced of the involvement of a foreign power, Saudi Arabia, in the terrorist attacks, have been trying to make them public for many years.

The victims of these terrible incidents announced in an ultimatum to US President Joe Biden that they would consider him an unwelcome guest at the mourning ceremony in honor of the anniversary of the terrorist attack if the White House refused to release classified documents. Biden promised to do this during the election campaign, and it was time for him to keep his word.

According to the presidential administration, the publication of the materials will take place in several stages within six months, the first secret files were released on September 11. Reading this 16-page document, it becomes clear that much more powerful forces were behind the attack than al-Qaeda (banned in Russia). The terrorists who arrived in the United States and had to hijack the planes did not have to worry about anything. Expat compatriots, one of whom is Omar al-Bayumi (at that time a civil servant of Saudi Arabia), took over all their household chores – they helped them get bank accounts, rented housing, found a suitable flight school, advised them to move to San Diego. so that in the outback, away from human eyes, one could prepare for the execution of sinister plans. Al-Bayumi claimed during interrogations that he did not know anything about the terrorists’ intentions, but met them in one of the restaurants and maintained friendly relations.

Bayumi was arrested in London (why did he leave so quickly for another country ?!) a week after the terrorist attack, but he was soon released without charge. The investigation did not see a direct connection between him and the hijackers and therefore could not stretch the chain from the official Riyadh to Al-Qaeda. The final report says there is no evidence of his links to extremists. Today, Bayumi, like other accomplices in the attack on the United States, lives safely in Saudi Arabia, all suspicions have been cleared from him.

The FBI also called to account the Saudi diplomat Moussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah, who worked at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington in 1999-2000. During interrogation, he assured that he was a respectable Muslim and just wanted to help fellow student fellows. Now he lives quietly in Saudi Arabia.

The imam of the mosque in Los Angeles Fahad al-Tumayri also worked with the “students”. Telephone numbers were recorded by which the terrorists communicated with their curators, including the leader of the Muslim community.

CIA Director George Tenet behaved very strangely on the eve of 9/11. He withheld information from the FBI and the White House that two famous bin Laden fighters with rich combat experience had arrived in California. Nobody detained them or interrogated them. This critical information was also withheld from the national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism, Richard Clarke. He believes that such behavior of Tenet can only be explained by the connections of these Arabs with the CIA.

Now the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks are awaiting the publication of new documents on the investigation. They hope to get more evidence for a historic lawsuit against Saudi Arabia to demand billions of dollars in compensation from the country’s leadership.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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