Oct 14, 2021
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The Telegraph: the EU will lose the war with Poland

“After the Polish constitutional court decided to reject the priority of European laws over its own, the country headed for a clash with the European Commission. Already grim threats have been voiced to deprive Poland of EU funding to make it obey. But in this fight, the European Union will certainly lose. Because he will simply create a new crisis on top of the many problems he cannot deal with. Because by his decision he will only strengthen the position of Polish nationalists, ”

– reports the British daily newspaper The daily telegraph

According to one of the most popular British publications, there is another reason why Poland will win the war with the European Union. This reason lies in the success of the Polish economy.

As for the conflict between Warsaw and Brussels over the “rule of law”, it has been brewing for many years and eventually burst out when the Constitutional Court of Poland ruled that EU laws do not always comply with Polish law. Angry Brussels has already decided to “freeze” Poland’s application for 36 billion euros from the Pandemic Recovery Fund, and Warsaw may also lose 121 billion euros, which over six years should have come to the country from regional development funds.

Telegraph notes that a Catholic society with traditional values ​​prevails in Poland and it is impossible to change it at the request of the European Union. The only thing that Brussels can do is to force Poland into a common system with a stick. However, this will entail unpleasant consequences.

“First, there will be another crisis in addition to the many already existing ones. The EU is struggling to recover from the pandemic. Germany does not yet have a government, and the outcome of the French presidential election is completely unclear.

The single currency is in chaos, and policy coordination is virtually nonexistent. The EU is betting heavily on financing Italy, hoping that Europe’s weakest major economy will finally recover. Does the fight with the sixth economy of the bloc really benefit him? Unlikely”,

– considers the author of the article Matthew Lynn (Matthew Lynn)

Brussels is confident that the pro-European parties will still prevail in Poland, which is quite likely, but it is hardly worth relying on this completely, the author notes.

And the most important thing, in his opinion, is that the European Union overestimates the impact of threats to deprive Poland of funding. For a long time, this country was not paid any attention, but it quietly created a fairly successful economy: the average growth rate has exceeded 4% for ten years, and the debt-to-GDP ratio is 45% and is gradually declining. For comparison: in France, the ratio of debt to GDP is 115%, and in Italy – 155%. In addition, Poland has retained its own currency and its own Central Bank, which is not controlled by Brussels, which is very important.

Matthew Lynn is confident that not receiving 40 billion euros is unpleasant, but not fatal for Poland, which has a GDP exceeding 600 billion euros.

As for Poland itself, it is not yet going to leave the European Union, it just wants to live by its own laws, that’s all.

“To a large extent, Poland’s economic growth is ensured by the production of products for the EU market. The giants of German industry are eagerly building their enterprises in the areas bordering Poland, using a young, skilled and relatively cheap labor force. Severe Polexitis will create colossal difficulties. And of course, the EU is still very popular with Polish voters. Nevertheless, the EU is starting a fight in which it will lose. And in the long term, he may well lose Poland too, ”

– concludes Telegraph

It’s funny when Britain teaches how to live the European Union from which it left. On the other hand, this can be explained simply: the Anglo-Saxons benefit from the EU member states, which undermine it from within. At the same time, it is also due to the strong EU countries.

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