Apr 20, 2022
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The teddy bear’s paw is stuck between a tree trunk and a branch.

teddy bear's paw is stuckThis bear cub from Asheville (North Carolina, USA) climbed a tree and found himself in a very unpleasant situation.

teddy bear's paw is stuck

The paw of the young beast got stuck between the trunk and the branch. There was another bear cub right there, but he, with all his desire, could not help his relative.

teddy bear's paw is stuck

Initially, representatives of the organization “Help Asheville Bears”, engaged in the rescue of bears, learned about the trouble. They, in turn, enlisted the support of the Department of Natural Resources.

teddy bear's paw is stuck

Ryan Lacadu, an employee of the department, arrived at the scene, climbed a tree with the help of a ladder and freed the unfortunate bear paw. After making sure that the limb was safe and sound, Ryan transplanted the bear cub onto the trunk, and the cub briskly descended from the tree.

teddy bear's paw is stuck

Appreciating Ryan’s help, the Help Asheville Bears called him a superhero and asked his superiors to reward the caring lifeguard.

After knocking down the front door, the bear made his way into a residential building


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