Sep 1, 2021
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The Taliban have spread a web of terror

The Taliban have spread a web of terror

The Taliban have created groups that terrorize the residents of Kabul at night.

Militants are attaching creepy letters to the doors of Afghans accused of collaborating with the “crusaders”. They contain an order to appear before the court of the Islamic Emirate, in case of refusal they will be sentenced to death.

Such notice is received by entrepreneurs who have completed contracts for the British and Americans, built houses and roads. Now this activity is equated with a malicious crime against Afghanistan.

The letters received are official and bear the Taliban seals. But few people want to voluntarily appear in court, everyone believes that one way or another they will be sentenced to death.

The only way out is to hide from the Taliban and look for an opportunity to leave the country. Residents of Kabul leave their homes immediately as soon as they receive summons to appear at the trial. All translators are declared “spies of the infidels,” and those who hide them are also sentenced to death.

The Afghan mujahideen used such letters to intimidate people even during the presence of the Soviet army, and now they are widely distributed in all cities.

Tens of thousands of Afghans are now trying to hide from human hunters. They make their way to the border crossings, through which they think they will be able to pass.

Nikolay Ivanov


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