Jul 1, 2020
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“The system could not be deceived.” How do they stop trying to vote twice?

On the sixth day after the start of the vote on amendments to the Constitution, the number of violations in Moscow remains minimal. Deliberate attempts to vote again are also reported. No such attempt was successful, the Public Headquarters noted.

How do observers work?

On June 30, the Public Voting Monitoring Headquarters said that the work was continuing as normal. In just six days of voting, 426 appeals were considered, 8 violations were found, cited statistics Staff spokesman Alexander Asafov.

"Observers and operators of call centers continue to work actively. People keep calling and asking questions. By the way, one of the most popular questions that are addressed to the call center for electronic voting is how to find your site. Which is quite strange, because it is an online voting line," Asafov said. People are nevertheless consulted. In just 24 hours there were about 4,000 calls on this line.

Observers, who work in Moscow alone, work more than 21,000. "The review team even analyzes the cases described in social networks. Controversial cases are viewed by CCTV. If the video does not understand what is happening, a response team is sent to the site. We respond to all complaints," the Public Headquarters said.

"Double voting did not pass"

In six days in Moscow there were several attempts to carry out a double vote. None of them succeeded, he said. Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Election Commission (IPCC) Dmitry Reut. "The cases are very different, but they have one thing in common - each time citizens intentionally go to violation of the law, then tell about it in social networks. But we have caught all these attempts and taken the necessary measures," he said.

Many of these cases have similarities. "On the first day of voting, a respected expert, an expert in the field of electoral law, came to the polling station and showed the passport to the commission members. They saw that it was included in the list of participants in electronic voting. He then began persuading them to let him vote. The members of the commission went to him," Said Dmitry Reut. Because it was a violation of the law, the ballot box where the voice was lowered was sealed. "This person still has the opportunity to vote remotely, but there will be no double voting. It was stopped," the deputy head of the IPCC said.

Another case occurred with a journalist of "Rain" who on the first day of voting first came to the polling station and voted there, and then voted remotely. The box with his voice was also sealed. "Together with the ballots of this citizen, the votes of other citizens, who were also declared invalid, were put under the knife," Reut explained.

Another journalist applied to vote on the location in Moscow. He was included in the lists, he voted, and then went to the Moscow region at the place of residence and tried to vote again there.

"Yesterday there was a situation when the voting participant went to the polling station. They don't find him on the list. It shows the passport in which the residence permit in the area to which the site is assigned. According to the rules, the commission must put him on the list and issue a bulletin, which it did. Then it turned out that on another page he had a stamp that he was discharged from this address and registered in the Moscow region, where he had already safely voted. The box was sealed, as in previous cases," the Public Headquarters said.

Some people, to vote twice, did double registration on the and on the website of the State Services. "They were refused in one of these services (because it was impossible to register on both voting portals), and after voting, with this refusal they approached the polling station and tried to get a ballot. The system determined that they had already voted, and people were not given ballots. In response, they began to accuse the commissions of incompetence and the fact that people are allegedly not allowed to vote," Alexander Asafov said.

"All these attempts at double voting are deliberate. Can't people not know they didn't vote. Knowing that this is a violation of the law, people go and vote twice. But at no time did they manage to deceive the system. All the second voices were sealed," said Dmitri Reut.

Unfortunately, other innocent citizens, whose voices were in boxes along with the voices of violators, suffered because of this. All these votes are forced to be declared invalid.

Dmitry Reut reminded that re-voting is an administrative offence for which I willA fine of 30,000. Rubles.

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