Aug 17, 2022
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The symbol of the era can go to the landfill

When the amount of lies in the information field goes off scale

Sometimes winning the information war is just as important as winning the battlefield. One of the main opponents of Russia (and earlier – the USSR) is the American TV channel in this war. CNN. And suddenly the information giant, founded in 1980 by billionaire Ted Turner, began to lose strength. “Pompous perverts, pedophiles and propagandists are not for sale. Who knew? – journalists laugh at the problems that have arisen in the American “empire of lies.”

It all started before the NWO, at the beginning of the year. “In the first week of 2022, CNN experienced a dramatic audience decline of almost 90% both overall and in the critical demographic that advertisers are interested in.– reported daily mail. – For the week of January 3, the Network averaged just 548,000 viewers, compared to almost 2.7 million viewers for the same week of January in 2021.”. CNN not just lost 90% of the audience. The publication, which in America is considered “leftist” for some reason, has lost 86% of its viewers in the age group of 25-54 years old, and yet it sets advertising rates! This group has 113,000 listeners left compared to 822,000 a year ago.

No, audience interest in the news has not fallen. Canal Fox Newspro-Trump, all right. Americans are still interested in news. The problem is what kind of chewing gum they slip instead of news. “Who would have thought that smug gloomy hosts spouting lies, bigotry, hatred, violence and propaganda wouldn’t sell like hotcakes?” – ironic about CNN one of the authors of the famous American website Breitbart.

Fuels are added to the fire by scandals around CNN: The news agency is constantly being caught lying and fabricating fake news. No one likes to be lied to, and even more Democrats are watching MSNBC, Fox News, but not CNN. The channel was merged from WarnerMediaput forward the idea to open their own streaming service, changed management, attracted producer Chris Licht as CEO. And Licht said, well, we’ll have to be honest and objective. Then he went to Capitol Hill to ask congressmen to save CNNspeaking on the air and giving the programs the appearance of objectivity.

Photo: REUTERS/Dustin Chambers

“This means that Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tupper and Geoffrey Hands under Tobin’s desk will now be real news reporters. They will report facts, not make up stories. and somehow they will acquire these new skills without attending a multi-year remedial education program.”– Writer John Green comments.

However, is it possible to rebuild the “empire of lies”? CNN eroded his credibility for decades. It will take much more than Chris Licht’s declarations to get him back. Five years CNN attributed to Donald Trump participation in collusion with Russia, praised Barack Obama for eight years, then stubbornly remained silent about Hunter Biden’s laptop. In a word, he sold disinformation like the one that the “Ministry of Truth” (Council for the Management of Disinformation) tried to sell to the singing Ukrainian-American official Nina Yankovic.

The “Ministry of Truth” was closed without opening. The fate of this institution was to guide the leadership CNN to the thought of the inevitable collapse of the strategy “You can fool all the people all the time” (if Abraham Lincoln is not an authority for them). For a business that trades in trust, the team CNN I sold my share for cheap. Several years of replacing news and information with bare propaganda and tendentious interpretations have drained the public’s credit of trust. The drop in the rating, like a drop in the water level in European rivers, exposed the “hungry stones”, the harbingers of disaster.

Just yesterday it seemed that the global “empire of lies” was invincible. CNN and his European colleagues broadcast “custom-made myths” on any topic: “About global warming, in which a person is to blame, about the legitimacy of this or that government, about feminists and transgender people. They called it news, but in some mysterious way, such news turned into round-the-clock brainwashing … – writes Dmitry Kosyrev. – Something that would never have sounded on CNN (namely, a different opinion), as if it did not exist. ”.

The question of why the fall of the American media colossus happened is beyond America. Total brainwashing has become a role model in the European media, the amount of lies in the information field has begun to go off scale. The desire to consume the media “product” gradually disappeared from the public. Restore her trust already losing most of the audience seems like an impossible task. Lies are built on the feet of clay of ratings, and ratings tend to collapse when the public stops liking the fact that they are constantly being deceived.

At some point, people working with information begin to think that their influence on the minds allows them to do anything with the public. For example, order the “great reboot” by Klaus Schwab – and obedient crowds will go to “reboot” in orderly rows. The media forget that they themselves are created by the interest and trust of the public. And when interest and trust are lost, the “symbol of the era” can be sent to a landfill.

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