Jul 1, 2020
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The survey revealed problems with neurological rehabilitation in Russia

The study involved neuropathologists from various Russian regions.

In Russia, many patients who need rehabilitation for neurological diseases do not receive the necessary help. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of neuropathologists, which was conducted by the company “Medical Information Solutions” using the application “Directory of a doctor”.

The survey involved 342 neuropathologists from different regions of Russia. Most of them (77%) work in state medical institutions, about half - in hospitals.

On average, about half of the patients surveyed by neuropathologists needed rehabilitation during the last year: mainly due to past strokes, injuries and degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

45% of doctors replied that no more than one fifth of their patients received the required rehabilitation during the year. About one fifth of doctors reported that 20-40% of patients underwent rehabilitation.

Difficulties in referring patients for rehabilitation were reported by 70% of neuropathologists. About a third of doctors indicated that it was difficult to find an institution in their city where rehabilitation could be carried out, and 40% said that the problems were due to financial and organizational reasons.

Most often, patients underwent rehabilitation after a stroke and for degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine. Most of the rehabilitation measures were carried out in hospitals, most often (86%) they were paid from the compulsory health insurance fund. The main rehabilitation measures were physical therapy (physical therapy), physiotherapy, massage and speech therapy sessions. About half of neuropathologists reported that patients received the help of a psychologist.

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