Aug 6, 2022
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The surgeon told what happened to Laima Vaikule


Singer Laima Vaikule now walks in a scarf or hat.

68-year-old Soviet pop star Laima Vaikule recently returned from America. Observant fans saw after that a handkerchief on her head, and at a subsequent performance, the artist went on stage in a hat.

Seriously ill Vaikule, as it turned out, underwent rejuvenation surgery. We are talking about a facelift, which removes deep wrinkles and overhanging eyelids. Plastic surgeon Madina Bayramukova told more about this operation.

Laima Vaikule
Laima Vaikule

The procedure belongs to the category of minimally invasive operations and is performed using plates made of a special absorbable material, on which tissues are fixed.“, – the site quotes the surgeon.

There are no marks left on the face, and the incisions through which the operation is carried out are made at the border of hair growth.

Vaikule herself recently experienced a relapse of breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with back in 1991.

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