Oct 16, 2021
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The surgeon questioned the diagnosis of Alisa Arshavina


A difficult divorce from football player Andrei Arshavin led his wife to a serious illness, as a result of which Alice was left without a nose. However, the surgeon denied that she had an autoimmune disease.

According to the famous plastic surgeon Vladimir Plakhotin, several unsuccessful plastic surgeries became the cause of the disfigured face. The doctor does not believe in information about autoimmune diseases. “Autoimmune necrosis? If she had it, she would have died already. This is when your immune system kills you. And she has problems with her nose, she operated on it several times. As a result of many operations, blood supply was disrupted, tissue nutrition was disrupted“, – he said in an interview with a journalist.

Patokhin notes that he has come across patients who constantly want to improve something and become psychologically dependent on plastic surgery, which never leads to anything good.

Alisa Arshavina
Alisa Arshavina

According to Plakhotin, repeated surgery often leads to necrosis. “The tissue at this time gave severe fibrosis. If this is done again, it will be even worse, there will be even less tissue – nutrition is disturbed! This disease is already in the brain! It is she who says to herself: “Some kind of autoimmune necrosis.” Yes, she would never have children, Lord! She carries some nonsense and that’s it!“- the surgeon emphasized.

We will remind, recently the ex-wife of Arshavin reported that she is still inoperable, and she needs to be cured in order to lie on the table of a plastic surgeon. While Alice will have to get used to living without a nose

Today I am inoperable, my face is gone. I used to be beautiful and happy, but now I also try to enjoy life. A damn creature pushed me into a cliff, it broke me, took everything away. But it’s easier to rise from the bottom when you have nothing behind you. I have super kids who climb even faster. My energy is returning, which means that you can live without a face. I love life“, – shared the 39-year-old Alisa Arshavina in her personal blog.

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