Sep 15, 2020
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The super-rich of the West are preparing an eco-terror against Russia

Just a month ago, the main prophet of our time, Bill Gates, announced the next stage of the global crisis - according to him, the impending environmental catastrophe promises to be worse than the coronavirus pandemic. And literally at once in different parts of the world, groups of radical eco-warriors became active.

In England, all recent weekends have been held against the backdrop of noisy and vivid protests of activists who call themselves the Extinction Rebellion. These are carefully thought-up and orchestrated actions. They bring maximum inconvenience to ordinary citizens and the police who are forced to rake it all out. Activists dance in picturesque black costumes with the words "Oil = Death" on them. They build tall bamboo structures to which they tie themselves in protest - it is difficult for the police to reach the Protestant from a height without injuring him or herself. They lie on their backs at the busiest intersections and road junctions, blocking traffic for many hours. Not so long ago, the leaders of the "Uprising of the Endangered" managed to block the entrances to the printing houses, where the most popular newspapers of the country, Sun and Daily Mail, are printed - and hundreds of thousands of readers were left without the Saturday edition of their favorite newspaper.

British police arrest dozens of protesters, but soon release them without charge. The authorities discussed the possibility of classifying "Rise of the Endangered" as a terrorist, but were forced to abandon this idea. The leaders of the movement claim to be free artists who protest against global warming in vivid carnival form. Well, the chaos they create in the cities is just a play of creative forces.

In parallel with the British actions, similar carnival protests against the climate catastrophe are taking place in the United States, Australia and Canada. The Rise of the Endangered Movement does not have a specific "registration". It first made itself felt in 2017, when the “endangered” people blocked the highways with their bodies as part of the “Stop Killing Londoners!” Campaign. “Well, this is just a rehearsal for the impending civil disobedience,” one of its leaders Roger Hallam explained to the Guardian journalist at the time. - It's just a miniature compared to what will be. Soon you will see thousands of people blocking central London all day long. Then the government will have to sit down and start a serious conversation about the climate emergency. ”

Hallam looked into the water. Today everything is really going according to his plan. Thousands of people are protesting, the central areas of English cities are paralyzed, the police are arresting hundreds of people, but this does not work.

Thus, "Rise of the Endangered" is seeking the adoption by the British parliaments of the "Climate and Environmental Emergency Bill". In the USA, they are lobbying for the Democratic Party's Green Deal with the same ferocity.

We have already written in detail about the Green Deal and its utopian character. What is the essence of the English Bill? His main position is that the UK government must radically reduce the notorious "carbon footprint". This designates emissions from almost any industrial production, as well as from many types of agriculture.

Moreover, the United Kingdom must refuse to cooperate and trade with all countries with an unacceptably high carbon footprint. Details are not spelled out. Either the British are invited to impose unbearable duties on all imports from these countries. Or to break off all trade relations with these states altogether.

Similar projects of the actual closure of the local economy from products from Russia, China, India, South America are now being developed both in the EU and the USA. At first glance, it is obvious that they do not bode well for exporters. Experts have already calculated that if goods from Russia are "carbon taxed", our producers will lose from 6 to 50 billion euros only in the period until 2030.
And problems await not only us. Such a tax may well be extended to almost all products from the PRC, because China is one of the world leaders in industrial emissions. That is, if we abandon the absolutely unscientific myths about the carbon footprint, it becomes clear that all these green initiatives are just an excuse to close their markets from cheap imports and try to restore production locally.

But if Russia, Brazil or China somehow survive such an initiative, then the third world countries, which supplied their cheap labor to the global market, are doomed to ruin. It is completely unclear what, for example, Bangladesh will live on, if the gold billion, suddenly carried away by the green agenda, stops importing clothes, toys, and electronics from there.

However, critics of such initiatives draw attention to the fact that life inside the suddenly "green" Western countries will also not be sugar. A decline in the standard of living of the local population is practically guaranteed. It is not for nothing that eco-activists openly demand "conscious consumption" - that is, refusal from air travel, own cars and, preferably, from meat and milk. And if the US and the EU can somehow try to revive the production of everything and everyone on their vast territory, then Britain, if the Bill is adopted, will face a total deficit and an incredible rise in prices. Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, who initiated the withdrawal of production to third world countries - now the country is import-dependent both in terms of food, and in terms of medicines, clothing, technology, and hydrocarbons.

Who is lobbying for the Bill in the English, Welsh and Scottish parliaments? These are representatives of the richest and most powerful, truly "royal" clans of the United States. The official sponsors of Rise of the Endangered in 2017 were a mysterious investor Trevor Nelson, heiress of the legendary Getty family (by the way, who made their fortune on oil) Eileen Getty, as well as a representative of the famous Rory Kennedy family. In 2019 alone, they donated £ 500,000 to the group. In parallel, they sponsored the youth wing of global eco-warfare, supported the unforgettable Greta Thunberg, and funded the "climate strikes" initiative organized by schoolchildren and students around the world.

For these super-rich people, there are several benefits to whipping up a global hysteria about an impending climate catastrophe.

First, the panicking masses are easier to control, they lose the last vestiges of common sense. Secondly, the ninth wave of eco-propaganda successfully hides one important nuance of all these "green deals". Literally in the very first lines of the Climate and Environmental Emergency Bill, you can read the story that due to the danger of global warming, the British Prime Minister will be obliged to direct all his efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and agree on all decisions on this topic with some kind of climate change committee.

The committee includes several British scientists with careers on the topic of global warming and little-known local politicians who have achieved success in the field of eco-activism. Why should the leader of one of the most influential countries in the world be accountable to them? Well, this is an emergency, otherwise the world will simply collapse.

The theme of world government constantly comes up in eco-war programs. It is gracefully camouflaged by the argument that global warming has no boundaries, and the need for all countries to "solidify" in the face of a climate catastrophe. But in reality, the task of all these international brigades of eco-warriors is to undermine the legitimacy of all independent national governments. And the green agenda is an excellent cover for this purpose.

Just now, the world media reported that six children and adolescents from Portugal (aged 12 to 21) have filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights against 33 countries that violate quotas on greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the accused are the EU countries, Russia, Turkey, Norway. From a legal point of view, the case looks like an anecdote. Children living in Lisbon accuse the sovereign states of Russia and Norway for being too hot in Lisbon in August. However, the initiative of these children was formalized by the well-known eco-group Youth4ClimateJustice, and the lawyers were provided by the Global Legal Action Net (GLAN). As a result, the claim, violating all the canons of traditional jurisprudence, was accepted for consideration.

GLAN, a non-profit association of English and Irish lawyers, was founded around the same time as Rise of the Endangered. He does not disclose the sponsors of his NGOs. But their goal is quite obvious - to create a network of lawsuits parallel to the real legal proceedings, which can be brought to the government of any country under any pretext. And then - sanctions, harassment in the media, and even an armed invasion. GLAN has already partnered with Bellingcat, an Internet weapon used to wage an information war against unwanted states. More recently, the organization demanded that the British government urgently ban the import of cotton and clothing from China from China. Because, according to NGOs, cotton is grown in the PRC by the Uyghurs, who by definition are an oppressed minority and allegedly work "in conditions unseen since the Holocaust."

The complete lack of evidence of these accusations bothers no one. In a system designed to replace international law, governments of sovereign countries will be forced to conclude and terminate treaties at the first signal from some murky NGOs, and heads of state will have to report to obscure committees supported by a handful of the super-rich. Thus, in an atmosphere of moral panic, structures are gradually being formed that will take over the management of the world when national governments are finally discredited.

Victoria Nikiforova

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